Series Review: Person of Interest

Let me start with this statement:



Harold Finch: "Sooner or later both of us will probably wind up dead. Actually dead this time. I said I'd tell you the truth. Didn't say you'd like it." (Pilot, S01E01)
Person of Interest (POI) ended in 2016, 5 seasons, 103 episodes.

This is a long overdue post, I've been keeping this draft for 2 years now, finally the time to publish it lol.

POI is a show about a super computer, a ASI (artificial super intelligence), that assisted a geeky billionaire Harold Finch and the ex-army super macho dude John Reese helping people and catching bad guys.

Started off as a 'concerned third party', because the computer only gives them social security number, they don't know if that person is a victim or perpetrator, so they would often follow and track down that particular person (one or few persons each episode), jump right in when the person is in trouble and say "you don't know me but you are in trouble, someone is trying to kill you, FOLLOW ME!" And if someone like John Reese tells me to follow him, I would, no question asked! This thing they do often get them into some inteferrence and attention from the 'authority' lah, eg the police etc, so they have to work as stealthly as possible.

That's pretty much the concept of the show, in Season 1. Things started to take off a little differently from Season 2, when more good guys and bad guys and grey area guys starting to come out batch by batch, and the plots thicken.

After the season finale (Season 5), I re-watched the series from the beginning from time to time, coz I forgot some of the plots and the relationship between this person and that. And, Woah! My mind was blown all over again.


Everyone goes a long way.

In Season 1, Elias tried to kill Carter.
In Season 2 Carter rescued Elias from being murdered and hid him (OK not her idea but still).
In Season 3, Simmons shot Carter dead and Elias took revenge by murdered Simmons, and this is one of the best scenes I love it so much.
People was so pissed when Carter dies and was even pissed-er when Shaw joined (because they claimed Shaw was in the way in Finch-Reese bromance). I was pissed too lah when they killed off Carter (because Taraji went to do Empire) but I was OK with Shaw joining. She is like the Reese female-counterpart and I love the things going on between her and Root.

John Reese is one complicated character. He was about to commit suicide when Finch hired him, so he always has this thought that he is always indebted to Finch, like all the time, especially when he was about to die, like so many times throughout the series.

Not just once John was shot (almost die that kind of shot) and thanked Harold for giving him a second chance. This happened few times throughout the series.

In Season 3, John was strapped in a bomb vest, had the bro-to-bro talk with Finch.
John Reese: "Something you said once. About how sooner or later we'd both probably wind up dead." (Dead Reckoning, S02E13) 
John Reese:"I'm pretty sure I'd be dead already if you hadn't found me." (Dead Reckoning, S02E13) 
In Season 5, the same rooftop scene, almost similar conversation between Harold and John, different ending.

**** END OF SPOILER *****

I prefer listening to OSTs while writing thesis. Piano, orchestra, symphony, jazz and classical musics etc make me sleepy. Songs are worst, I tend to sing along and there goes my writing ability LOL. Hans Zimmer, John Willliams, James Newton Howard, James Horner are among my favorite. Then I bumped into Ramin Djawadi in Spotify Artist Radio, and shame to say, now only I know he is the OST composer for POI! Wow all those musics bring back so damn lot of memories, hence this post.

I was sad when the show was over, I wished there were more but making that kind of ending means that was it. Let me just say, let it end like that. Don't renew it. Do a spin-off instead. Just don't touch this team anymore.

Last but not least, here's my thought about this show. Again.




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