Jajaran Telipon aka Bukit Tok Dun, Perlis/Kedah Border

Started hiking again woohoo!

This time, after coming to Perlis for soooo long, finally had the chance to explore Perlis' hills!!
One at a time!

Thanks to Sing Mei, a new welcome-to-hell MSc student, I got a chance to meet up with Hairil, one of the otais (experts) among Perlis hikers. We booked a date with him on the 28th July to Wang Gunung, one of the magnificient hills in Perlis.

For starter, he invited us to join their school rugby team for a hike to Jajaran Telipong aka Bukit Tok Dun.

He was surprised when I told him I've been here since 2007 and only been to Gua Sami.

According to him, the name of Bukit Tok Dun actually comes from the locals, whom said 'ya we called this place Tok Dun' when he asked the locals about the name of the place.

Part of the hill belongs to FELDA where they have palm tree plants around it. The soft reopening for hikers is also granted by FELDA. Why reopening?

This hill was viral-ed few years ago and it suddenly became, not only hikers hotspot, but also hotspot for youngsters with motor and those who have plans to do 'project' here, which literally destroyed this wonderful hiking destination in some ways. FELDA couldn't take it and decided to close down the place for public.

After awhile, they re-opened the place for regular hikers and kinda warned them not to viral the place again. A letter for permission is required if you are going in a team or a large group. This group of pioneer Perlis hikers is still looking for a new name for this place, and Jajaran Telipong (JT) is the official name for this hill range.

I guess my blog doesn't have the 'viral' effect or influence, thus the post haha.

The hill is located at the opposite of my uni campus, where the parking is beside a big water tank, a very significant landmark. I literally drove towards it when looking for the place haha.

The significant landmark
I went twice last week, once on Thursday and once on Saturday.

The Thursday's hike began at 8am. They brought the school rugby team for some training on the hill who will have a tournament in few weeks time, we tagged along. Few of the teachers are also going to Mount Kinabalu on October, so they are training for that too.

I left my trusted kampung adidas shoe at my sister's place in KL, so I had to wear my regular Power sports shoe, which wasn't a wise choice haihhh.

JT is not really my kind of hill preference as it is under development for palm tree estate, meaning the trails are 'man-made'. Loose stones everywhere, roads for the workers' motorbikes and 4WD, sigh... But the view is awesome!! This part of Perlis/Kedah border is untouched for most part of it, so the view is super green and nice!!

The hike took us about 30 minutes to the peak, around 2km (?). It was overcast and windy on Thursday, and it started to drizzle and rain when we reached the peak. We managed to catch a rainbow!!

Can you see a rainbow??

This group of rascal boys kena tortured on the peak haha!
The rain started to slow down and Hairil suggested to start descending. Wow this really put Power sport shoe to the test. The muddy ground and slippery stones made me think twice about coming back again...

On the way down, Hairil pointed out few roads that would misdirect us, as a warning in case we want to come by ourselves.

*****     *****     *****

And I did go back! Haha!

I wasn't going anywhere on the weekend, when Hairil suggested for another round to JT on Saturday, I quickly jumped on board!

So excited I went to buy a new pair of kampung adidas too! Lol. Anywho, the problem with kampung adidas is that, the sole is so thin every steps feel like walking on acupuncture mat.

This time around, the hike started at 7am.

It wasn't very windy, it was breezily cold, nice weather too!

Enroute, we bumped into an aunty who hiked solo, named Wendy who turned out to be one of the regular hikers. She made me consider to come alone whenever I want to haha!

We spotted some trucks carrying bicycles and whatnot going up and down the hills. As we reached the peak, it turned out that there was a cycling event going on that day.

Can you spot those tiny dots of humans pushing their bikes up the hill?

It was such a wonderful weather that day, I was pleased. Feels so great to meet up with some awesomes hikers too!

Hiking bug bit me! Help!


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