*0Ld TimE St0rY*

已经有一段时间我没好好写个好部落格了。。 再不写些什么的,士敏准要骂死我了..哈哈!!那好吧,就继续我在friendster写过的<陈年往事>吧!=)

Archieve from friendster:
*well, jz nw i was surfing around, read what bloggers are writing n cerita-ing about their life, then a blog remind me of my *old time story*!! hehe...
hmmm, i think gonna rewind back to .... errmmm... form 2 (coz the so-called 'tradition' din start yet in form 1.. u'll know what i mean later on..).. Well, i knew Jasmine since form1 (Haha.. wanna cerita back again lo... =P) i felt so lonely n kolian that time as i only knew Zafarul, Ah Huat, Ah Kok and few other primary schoolmates that i not really closed.. Then i saw this girl, very popular in our tuition class as the rumours between Fa-Lu and her spread habis-habisan there... bwahahah..!! (Jas, u sure zha dao hor... jia lat..) Then surprisingly she sat behind me, and guess what?? surprisingly, she cucuk-ed my back, i turned myself back, then she smiled and said:"Hi, I'm Jasmine, what's ur name?" ... ... ... so that's how we knew each other until now... Ofcoz this aint the end of the story~
Then Mujur-ly we were in the same class in form 2 too, together with LeeSa n Shien sitting in front of us.. Although both of them are my ex-Peir Chih schoolmates, but i not really close to them as i tot they r smart ppl who wont bother to hew me and 'kinda' gao bu ke pan.. (HAHA!! zha dao..) then Jas started to friend wiv leeSa, then slowly Shien n i.. We share lots of activities together~!! (Miss those old times sooooo much..) and one of the best part between us that time: 'Ba xian guo hai tian long shen jian' and also 'chatting thru small notes'!! (Hey, u guys still remember that??) AND, i still keep alll those small notes that we chatted thorough form2,3,4 and 5!! (ehhhh, wait a second, form5 got kah?? Shien so 'far' from me n everyone busy studying..) ofcoz, i'll try to take those pictures when i hv a chance to go bek KayBee and post it here.. And do u guys still remember the 'famous' phrase that i'd use when we were in front of toilet, and my hair style thing?? "... ling luan shi yi zhong ye xing de mei.. " =_=" And ofcoz, things gone wild n 'yellowish' when we knew Pheng in form 3 and started our science class.. Then things went worse-er in form4 when me, Shien, Pheng and QianYi sat side by side, front-n-back.. (unfortunately jas was 'transferred' to 4sc2.. =( Things become abit 'calm-n-silent' in form5 as our seat was arranged according to the name list.. so guess what? Pheng n i sat side by side this time!! Gosh~ *heaven* haha!! And one of the entertainment was surveying what our ad-math teacher, Miss Chai Kui wearing for the day.. and *fortunately* both of us sat at the LAST seat of the row, the lane between us was as if a 'tian1 qiao2' for the 'fashion show'.. wonder y i so sui saying this way? Pls, imagine: one lady wearing tak-sampai-knee length's yellow socks (not really remember the shoe's color) , and a tak-sampai-knee length green skirt.. and PLS IMAGINE: u can c the knee 'meat' between the skirt n the socks, and PLS IMAGINE: she's riding motor to school... omg~~ but the fact is: SHE IS A GREAT AD-MATH TEACHER I COULD EVER FIND!! thanks to her, i scored A1 for that subject.. haha!!
Things went very quiet after form5, everyone spreading around Malaysia, and even around the world.. But the ultimate friendship still keep us close together.. =) *wish u guys all the best!!* *friendship forever* misss u guys so0o0o0o0o000o0oo much~!!
p/s: its kinda cincai coz actually now im about to go home.. anyway, that's almost 2/3 part of the actual history.. sayonara!!*

这些是我在圣诞节时回家乡寻到的宝!!(只可惜找不到中三时士敏帮我画了智权之故事,死无对证..:\)无论如何,你们(尤其是'有关人士'!!)看了应该都会回味无穷哟~零零碎碎的, 边读我还真的才发现以前是何等’ 创意性’ 的无聊唷.. 哈哈!!

大致上都是大家无聊到极点时, 模拟当时红透半片天的mirc的聊天方式, 用纸代电脑, 笔代手指和键盘地聊天~ 通常聊客就数我, 娴和士敏最多.. 从当时的中华时事新闻, 咱们的约会, 各种各样的话题都逃不了.. 你们还记得SKS是指什么吗? SKB又是什么意思呢?? 嘻嘻!

这一叠是在一天之内, 一口气聊了整整五六张纸!!

而且我竟然还找到这个!! 哈哈!! 笑死我了!! 这是中二时, 我和士敏特地为娴策划的生日礼物!! 你们应该都记得吧..

还记得这个吗!! 它的名称是<红豆沙>吧?( 不大记得了耶..) 娴和士敏, 你们总是用这个游戏欺负我~>_< 可是每次都没有我玩的份啦.. 没关系.. 这张纸的后面是我们玩的<一二三>游戏 (这个是我自己放的,真的没’ 专业’ 名称, 请多多包涵) 所谓<一二三>游戏就是说你在一张纸上不规律地写满一二三四…陆续下去.. 依照纸张的大小.. 可以写上一百或两百.. 要挑战高难度, 写更多更刺激唷!! 就这样, 写完后, 把纸转一转, 就开始了! 几个人拿起不同颜色的笔, 眯着眼顺序地找出数字..( 参赛者要视情况而定, 因为游戏进行越久, 声量越难调低..=.=” ) 就这样直到最后一个数字, 然后就算一算谁找到最多, 她就赢了!

还有更多以前的’ 业余’ 游戏.. 比如<八仙过海 天龙神剑>!! 小姐夫, 请别说这个游戏很幼稚哟.. 它可是’ 陪’ 我们度过上课没老师的无聊时光呢.. 哈哈!! 还记得有一次玩得取了小名呢: 我>天天; 娴>天仙; 士敏>天海(希望我没把次序搞错吧)

写到这里, 感触很深.. 朋友, 真的可遇不可求.. 我总以为我的中学生活是多么地暗淡无聊, 可是回想起来, 很感谢这一群可爱的朋友们, 让我可以拥有一段想起都会笑开来的甜蜜回忆.. =) 虽然现在几乎全部人都各奔东西, 请记得, 我的心与你们同在!!



Jasmine * said…
Why dont I see any of my writings on the paper? :p I only recognise your handwriting. Can't believe you've kept these treasures for ages!! I will snap pics of the 'treasures' when I go home :)

I still remember what SKS and SKB is! Suddenly remember it when I was reading the 'essay' you wrote for Shien :D MEMORIES!

I miss you!!!

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