*movie's weekend*

Watched “200 pound beauty" aka "两百磅美女" last saturday bcoz of some 'technical problem'.. >.<


... ... ... misunderstanding ... ... ...

But, anyway, this is the first movie that made me cry in the cinema!!

Basically, me myself is a big fan of korean movies.. *thumbs*.. Most of their movies don't end up with happy ending, but i love their story line very much.. And yes again, their story line usually are not a good one.. >.< =) This movie is just like any other typical korean movie, it is a story about a fat babe who has a nice voice, being other singer's 代唱.. She decides to go for a whole body plastic surgery, from head to toe.. then ended up becoming a very darn beautiful babe with a nice voice.. (Yes, the songs in the movie are very the good!!! *thumbs*) And, u know la, when someone reveals her true story, she tells her story on stage, in front of her hundred thousand over fans.. and, u know again la, sure she wont missed out saying those things in a very the sad tone and tears.. SO! i cried lo!!! *blek* That fella was so worry that i would cry out loud, kept on 'shhh-ing' me, but luckily, im not a loud cry-er.. :p

Watched the second time with the fella, midnight show, GOLD CLASS! *drool*

Hehe... YES! the first time watching gold class movie.. RM40 for such a nice coach + service = worth it man (although we have to pay for the blanket XD ) and ofcoz, i shouldn't say it out so loud coz ppl pay one >.<


watching a 3-hour movie in such a comfortable place was really a bliss.. v(^_^)v (ermm.. i think most of you oledi watched the movie, so no need to talk much about it la hor..) I even 伸 a BIG 懒腰 after the movie! SHIOK! until tat fella 'haikss' me again.. :p

>>pss.. thanks for applying gei hwa gao to my nose.. it really helps to stop the running nose in cold room :)


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