Your Song

... which it means it's MY SONG oso loh... TeeHee~~

I hope you don't mind~~~ I hope you don't mind~~~ That I put down in wordddddssssssssss~~~~ How wonderful life is while you're in the worrrllllddd~~~~

When I watched this youtube for the very first time, GOSH! I love Elton John's version of 'Your Song' the most!


Anonymous said…
This one better..
Huey Nee said…
prefer your song better :p
Anonymous said…
"My Song" u refer to the the url I posted? haha.. seem u agree with me too...
Huey Nee said…
Wakakkakak! Oh Man u r so cute :)

I mean 'Your Song' your song... Not 'sorry seems to be the hardest word'. And yet I prefer Elton's solo version of 'sorry blahblah'. :)

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