Photo-post ^^

This post is about pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!!

1. Xin Jiang students aka semi-friends (coz I not sure should I categorize them into my friends' list :hmm:)

This is 孙迪 Sun Di my all-time fav

But he looks like Benjamin Low Lai Hing my ex service manager

Us with HaerBaerSi ^^

Yup, this is his real name, exclude his surname yet

Oh! btw, he gave us girls this ^^


Us with Ma Yuan, JuJu's all time fav

Nee's eyes closed! NOOB!

I don't know his name =.=

But he's cute! ^^

I don's know his name either =.=

But he's cute too! ^^

Mary and Nee

He asked us to call him Mary

Group photos!

The girl who makes heart shape with me is Li Tong
She's very cute

2. The only 4 chinese girls in 3rd year Biomedical Electronic Engineering UniMAP

Lawatan to Hospital Kangar

Compulsory to wear lab coat

Jamuan buka puasa at Dewan Kapitol

We kata sepakat to wear baju kurung

3. Lame Very lame




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