Movies I watched

1. Burn After Reading

Hmmm... What should I say?

"A movie which has hell lot of vulgar words and the story line is simply clueless"?

It is a black humor movie. Indeed the scripts etc is quite good, but pardon my English level, I can't really get some of the jokes inside this movie. I never know Brad Pitt can act this kind of character that good! However, I'm not really into this movie that much. Or maybe because I was not in the mood that time?

2. Changeling

Oh Friends, lend me your thumbs please.

I love 'based on true story/event' kind of movies. It makes me think:"OMG, is this really happen in real life?"

Skip the story summary thing. Thank goodness I watched this after 'Burn After Reading', it was kinda relief that 'Good, John Malkovich is still a serious guy'. Angelina Jolie is great in this, and I must say, she worth an Oscar for this. But, some expressions of her is quite...'numb'? Or maybe it's because of her over-reddish lipsticks I not sure. (Makeup Artists, her lips are huge enough don't give her any red lipstick already lah) Other than that, it's superb, extra credit for her.

The story itself is really a good one, plus a good script, good actors and actresses, and also, good director. I think I was distracted by cross stitch, I didn't cry while watching this. Argh.

3. 霜花店 Ssanghwajum

Those who don't like gay movies, or quite 'sensitive' with censored scenes, please avoid this film. Others, you may proceed.

The plot itself is a twist: a man stuck in between the king and queen.

I quite admire the two adult guys enjoying their sweet relationship (exclude the intimate part =.=), being with their loved ones, doing their favourite things together, having that 'sweet happy' smile on their face whenever they are with each other or thinking about each other. Awww, that just so pure love.

Please refer to this and this for more details about this movie, they generally tell you the whole story already, and it's funneh, and it's in Mandarin.

3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

p/s: Catherine looks so 'plastic' and alike mannequin in this poster :x

After 10 episodes without Grissom, luckily I still find this series watchable.

Dr. Raymond Langston don't really take Grissom's place, at all, BUT, his involvement is not that bad after all. Plus, there are sparks between Hodges and Wendy! That's just cute! Especially in episode 20: A Space Oddity. This combination is just cute! ^^

For some reason, I don't like Riley Adams.

Oh btw, I'm going outstation this labour day holiday! Yay! ^^


tino said…
li download oh??

wa i kua changelling. bo kua lui
Huey Nee said…
shhhhh... mai gong ane dua sia...

yes ;)

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