Weekend lepak in 民街 People Street

Today, we went to 民街 aka People Street with Ju and Ching's Mandarin teacher, 李慧心老师. It's a trip to 'truly' understand the culture of Uyguy in XJ. I highlighted truly because 李老师 is a darn good tour guide =) Plus, it's not only a culture understanding trip, it's also a packly scheduled jalan-jalan cari makan trip. ^^

We took bus no.301 from behind our school. It's quite a long journey, about 10 stops. Well, eventually it turns out to be the same location where we visited last month with the 2nd Year Tourism students. Anyway, this time, it's better as 李老师 is really a good price debater! Haha!

This trip consists of three major activities: Culture knowledge, Souvenir surveys and of course, FOOD!!

民街 aka People Street is a 'Uygur 地头' in Urumqi, where most Uygur people stays here, just like Brickfields in KL, where it represents Indian street, and Petaling Street where it represents Chinese; or, like Jalan Kebun Sultan in KB. Something like that loh~

1. Just a short description of the culture knowledge. 李老师 gives a very good explanation about the structure and designs of typical Uyguy buildings.

The bottle-alike buildings are a good example of Uygur buildings.

As the religion of Uygur is Islam, we can spot few mosques around the street. By few, I actually found two and managed to take one photo of one of the mosque.

The scale is like a typical medium size mosque in Malaysia, and the size of the onion heads are more or less the same.

2. Another short description of the souvenir surveys. Again, we stepped inside this Bazaar again, and, eventually, it is the 民街! Aiks...

I managed to buy some souvenirs. The other tasks are to survey prices, survey gifts, and prepare a list of names of whom I should buy souvenirs for. 士敏,I found what I will get for your mum ;) But not sure if it's 实用 anot.

p/s: Girls, sorry for the 'Chinese silk', there's none, and if there is, it's not the type of the plain coloured silk, but it's a Uygur type of silk, which is extremely expensive, like RMB100+++ for a piece of scarf. Don't say you, I also sayang to spend the $$$ on that.

3. FOOD heaven!

李老师 took us to several famous restaurants on this street to have a bite of very 道地 food of Uygur.

家常拌面 Home cooked Pan Mee (RMB8)
OMG the juicy-ness of the lamb meat!

羊肉串 BBQ lamb (RMB2)
OMG the juicy-ness!!

羊肉串 BBQ lamb of another restaurants (RMB2/stick)
The stick is a real tree stick and OMG the juicy-ness!

南瓜包子 Pumpkin Bao (RMB0.80/bao)
The stuffing of this bao is pumpkin

农民汤饭 Farmer Soup Rice (RMB6)
Thumbs up for the insipidity of the soup

面肺 ermm donno how to translate
Believe it anot, it's made out of lamb's lungs, intestines and some other internal organ parts. The taste is quite acceptable actually.

抓饭 Grab Rice
Nice Nice Nice

凉粉 Cold stuff
It's a cold dishes, and tastes ok

原味酸奶 Ori Yogurt
The sourness is +.+, but it's good for the digestion after we ate so much oily foods.

At the end of the day, we ended up spending total of RMB104 and five different stations on food ONLY. Geng boh?

Besides that, we found a lot of stalls along the streets selling food.

The 馕 Naan stall which various type of 馕

Slaughter shop!

Random story time:
I spotted this when we wandering around the street.

Super Grand Wedding Limo

See how grand their wedding cars are!!

But, the design is just so so.

Group photos cannot be excluded.

This is dedicated to a friend. I accidently spotted this advert while waiting for the bus.

Geez, it's a mooncake brand in XJ leh. Proud boh? ;)


Jasmine * said…
Wow, what are you going to get my mum? Just curious. lol. I bet she'll love anything you give her (shi yong or not). Don't buy expensive stuff!!! Save money!!! As what you said, use the $$$ to visit the other places in China :)

Btw, I see they have 'Jawi' written all over (anything). Like in Malaysia, they are pinyins of the BM word, but is it another language there? It doesn't seem to match up with the Chinese characters. *Curious*
*Nee* said…
Just the thing that you told me to eye for, colorful hats or shoes etc... Hehe... Anyway, I won't find overpriced items, as I have a lot of experienced 'tour guides' here.

The Uygur people that I mentioned many times here, they speak Uygur language, and their writing, for me, looks like Jawi. I'm not sure it IS a jawi, coz I don't have any malay friends to answer that for me. Argh :p

btw, not only Uygur language, sometimes there's Russian words too. Plus Kazakhstan, Mongolian, Kyrgyzstan etc etc... ouch the headache
feifei said…
woh..woh..woh..so so nice..ta food looks good..haha!
*Nee* said…
Some not as good as it looks. Don't get cheated by the pictures! Hehe...

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