Toy Story 3

I love it!! The final of the sequel, it was such a great movie, great ending. The last part touched me so much, I cried in the cinema 'again'...

Andy: Thanks, guys.

Woody: So long.... Partner.

I personally excited about Totoro's appearance in the movie, I squeezed my sister's arm out of excitement! Haha!

Well, as much as I like Toy Story, it literally tells my own story too. Here is my "Toy Story". =)

Since young, I always imagine that toys can actually talk, to each other obviously, when the owner is not with them or sleeping, just like Woody and the gang in the movie. Even my those baby pillows can talk!

I still do now, just not that hysterical.

So, everytime I went to sleep, I tried my best to hug all the plushies toys to sleep together, and those which out of reach and no extra hug space to squeeze in, I'd at least 'touch' them with my toe, ankle, knee, elbow, fingers etc. (I used to own 4-5 small and medium-sized plushies and put all of them on bed).

The reason I did that is because I didn't want them to feel abandoned and left out. As I imagined, they would wake up after I fell asleep, and feel sad that I did not love them at all for not hugging them. KIDS! -__-

I still remember owning a pink rabbit plush which I always dressed her up with our 'recycled' baby clothes, and imagined how she bragged about her clothes to the other toys etc. The jealousy among toys!!!

When time goes by, mum 'helped' throw or give away most of the toys, but my imagination still goes on. When I get older, the toys get smaller, and more hesitate to give toys away, they all went to display cupboard.

And, honestly, I still imagine they can talk to each other in cupboard, even to those in the other cupboard. Haha.

That is my toy story. =)

Extra Popcorn Time:

1. Glass House: The Good Mother

Watched this creepy and thrilling movie on TV2. It was quite surprising that it did not censor the 'inappropriate' scenes, especially the one where the mother was showering in the bath tub! Wow!

Few things that I don't really understand in the movie:
1) The sister tried to escape the mansion with her brother. She managed to break out the highly secured house, but only because the car could not start and the foster parents were coming back home, why on earth would she choose to run back into the house instead of running far away from the house? Ok yes maybe she thinks escaping while holding her brother is difficult, but wouldn't it be better option that to leave her brother in the house and let the mother 'take care' of him??

2) As she making the second escape attempt, she managed to reach the car WITH KEYS but she came out to open the garage door switch?? Why couldn't she just ram the garage door instead like what I see in the TV too? By the way, it's a huge 4WD!!

Anyway, it freaked me. So I stayed up to watch the next show 'Til Death' on TV and 'Family Outing' on laptop to ease my mood. Luckily, I dreamed about my Master stuffs instead of nightmare...

2. Inception

The trailer:

...and all those movie reviews on the newspaper, the internet etc.

I so wanna watch it lah!!!!

3. Despicable Me

This version of trailer that I love most =)

Another movie which I wanna watch so badly lah!!!

The minions are seriously adorable!! I watched this trailer for like 24 times a day, and I still laugh every time I watched it!


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