New Furkids In Da House

Went back home last weekend to settle my scholarship stuff. I was given 14 days to settle medical checkup, guarantor and witnesses for the agreement, this and that. Phew~

Last Saturday was the treatment session for asthma in grannie's house, mom assigned me to help on the desk job. Cousin's girlfriend brought two fluffy puppies as a stray bitch gave birth to 8 puppies at her house. I immediately fall in love with them!!

^Keeping themselves comfortable since no one's there to play and response to their tantrum

The yellow patch is a female and the black patch is male. It's cute to see how they love to rest their head on the loop and how they love to lift their neck to long up.

After negotiating with mom, aunt and cousin, since everyone's hand are tight to keep the puppies and all our dogs were dead :(, we decided to bring them home.

The first night was a bliss. They did whine and cry here and there, but settled down quick enough. We guess it's because they have each other to play with and keep each other company. That's why mom wanted to bring both back instead of one.

^They love sleeping by each other's side :) Awwwwww cute dao~~~

They are also in the bite-y period, as they have itchy gums and want to bite things all the time.

^See, don't even care if it's metal vase case~

The boy is pretty much a darling. He listens to our scolding, behave nicely, not aggressive, and he's utter cute!

^Now what are you looking at?

The female, on the other hand, is the stubborn one. She bites, runs around, and always seen to be 'on top' of the male when they play fight. They both do respond well to me calling them.

^It's interested to find that the female love to keep her head up!

....and she can keep this position for a long time, I bet her neck doesn't feel a thing. So, when she's asleep, I found this position most of the time...

^Lay on the boy's body...

^...and again...

^Now smell my ass! LOL

They love sleeping by the door. So clever that they know on the first day of arrival that the door is owner's portal, where the owners bring food to feed them and come out to play.

Just hope they can survive long enough in our house. *finger crossed*

P/S: If you notice, I didn't mention their names. It's because initially, the names were Yoyo and JackJack aka Jacky, but few days back, dad commented on my FB album saying that mom rename them Lucky and Happy. As I'm not sure who is lucky and who is happy, I would just remain them anonymous (Or in this case, male and female)


tino said…
eh...rename si li bo dua chu liao?

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