My Snail Mail Moment

OK, enough of all those boring dissatisfied grunts, let's go back to the normal blogging :)

This post is inspired by Rurousha, a South African currently living in Japan. Well, my post would not be as well-written as she does, but I will try my very best :)

This is also a post I wanted to write about for quite sometime, I just can't find the chance to.

The other day, I was reading this post on Rurousha's blog about 'The lost art of letter writing', and I remembered the good old times when snail mail was my thing back in those days. Internet was first introduced to my home in the year of 2001 (yeah I glad we escaped the millennium bug frenzy), so letter writing and land-line calling were the ways of connecting to those staying faraway from you.

First, I need to introduce a dear friend of mine, Chew Wai.

I couldn't remember clearly what happened in Kindergarten, but we were classmates, and we were somehow close. One of the reason should be her sister and mine were in the same class too, it's a unexplainable sisterhood thing I guess. When we entered Primary 1, for some reason, I was transferred to another class; the close friend Chew Wai's turn the day after, and we got closer. You know how it was like having a good close friends in Primary school, so I shall not elaborate much.

Then, one day, during Primary 2 (?), a bad news came by. Chew Wai's father was transferred to another state due to his job, and I think I was somewhat devastated about it. We agreed to write to each other and bid a sour eight-year-olds farewell.

...and we did!!

For the next few years, we had been writing to each others, not exactly frequent, but we did write few times in a year. It was a great joy having to see letter to me in the mailbox! I received Christmas cards EVERY SINGLE YEAR from her, and I was clueless why (because I didn't know what Christian is and she is a Christian, pardon the naive me); and as return, I sent her Chinese New Year cards every year too. That, and buying cute letter pads and stickers for the cuteness of the letters.

Then, the writing zest expands.

...not much, but, yeah... and I don't write diary. I get bored very fast LOL.

I opt to writings when making new friends in different occasions. A Kuantan state volleyball player *guy* I befriended when we were volunteering in the MSSM Under 15 tournament; Few friends from MIRC (not sure why I wrote letters for them but I did write).

When we were out of school after SPM, some friends sent CNY cards via snail mail and that was totally awesome :D

Dad sent us postcards when he attended a training in Canada, few of the postcards arrived at home weeks(!) after he came back.

All those letters are kept in the study desk drawer in my room, and they are the only thing, in this whole world, I would not throw away for the rest of my life.

Plus: My dad is a mild hoarder. You'll know what I mean when you come to my house.

Anyway, there is this study-turn-store room in our house, where there are stacks and stacks of whatever, and I used to love treasure-hunt in the room so much Mom often yelled at me for that. I would climb high and low, flipping through books and files and whatever, finding anything interesting.

One day, I found dad's diaries - it was a small diaries, jotted down very simple daily life activities.
Another day, I found few letters from dad to mom, and one particular letter was really cute. It was one or two weeks before Lim Er Jie's birth day, dad was in KL working and Mom was at home. In the letter, dad asked the baby to wait for him and it was so cute!! I asked mom about it, and she said the baby (my second sister) did wait for dad to come back, and I had a good scold from mom for making a mess (SO NOT) and flipping through dad's things.

Plus 2: About the writing part, there's some stories to tell too. When we were in secondary school, we were required to write a 'catatan harian' aka daily 'report'. It was one of the syllabus, the teacher did not read it, and Jasmine and I often wrote nonsense in it LOL! Things like our crushes, I wrote about me crying after watching 'Titanic', and whatnot. Writing is fun :)


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