The Post of Solemnity (2) - Kelantan under PAS ruling

This time, no more 'pork' talk. Let's talk about some land issues.

Deep inside my heart, way before the election, when anyone ask me:"Do you think BN can take over Kelantan this time?",  my answer would be:"No. Not in 2008, not now, and I don't think it's gonna happen for a long long time."

PAS has been 'feared' by many because of its very strong Islamic touches of everything. The media, the ones under BN-UMNO's control, has been reporting how underdeveloped Kelantan is under PAS ruling; the propaganda was so overwhelming, people from other states would think we live on trees or in a cave or something.

I was asked about the property purchase in Kelantan that I was clueless of. On the day I drove back to Kelantan from Perlis, I had a nice chat with dad to gain some knowledge about that matter.

PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party), like any other political party, is established to protect the welfare and benefits of its own kind - the Muslims.

One of the ways to do so is by controlling the property/land purchases. A purchase can only be established between two Kelantanese non-Muslims. The non-Kelantanese non-Muslim can only make land trades that was bought before 1930's, before the land law was enforced. Therefore, the reason why Kelantan has yet to be developed is because, those who has land doesn't have the money to do such development; and those who has the capital, doesn't have lands. Plus, now that the land and property in Kelantan is so precious, my parents' house who is already 20 years old, worth RM700k plus if someone willing to buy; the houses in Wakaf Bharu are reaching half million.

This is also one of the reasons why non-Muslims in Kelantan favors PAS over BN. Quoted exactly from the Malay Mail: 'BN gains Malay gounds'. If, let's say, BN takes over control of Kelantan, and developments and funds and whatnot pouring into the state, whose land will they take for such development? That side who they want to 'gain grounds', or, this side who they can simply say 'get out of Malaysia' based on a small stir? Take a wild guess.

Anyway, I don't see any problem under PAS ruling. There is this temple at my neighborhood which has been there since we first moved in in 1991 and still there now. Every mooncake festival (15th of the month of Eight in Chinese calender), it will have a BIG happening for the birthday of the monkey god for 3 days in a row, concerts and performance and stuff. My aunts have been visiting temples and monks and they have never been warned or approached by the authorities to shut down the event.

Just like what Theresa said:"It's sounds pretty much like Perlis, which is a BN ruling state." Duh~ See my point of rolling my eyes?

Of course, I don't speak for all Kelantanese. This is my perspective of things.


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