(Pleasant) Trip Around North 3 - Around Perlis


We walked in to get a room at the Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat only to know that, it's vacant. The receptionist gave us the room where it is located at the end of the road. Luckily we could park our car next to the chalet!

As compared to our previous night's stay on Jerai, Tasoh's resort was disappointing, as well as the view. 落差太大! The floor was sticky as if it doesn't been mopped for ages; the water from the shower was VERY slow and the heater was malfunctioned; there's no floor towel/mat; the batteries for the air-cond remote controller was dead; worst part, the view was blocked by few trees so we couldn't get the full panoramic view of the lake. The floor was so sticky, I need to use the resort towel to wipe the floor (swirling the towel around using legs, no way I'm gonna bend down and wipe the floor like Cinderella), to at least be able to walk in the room without tiptoeing.

Brought him to Hai Tien, the 'renowned' seaside restaurant in Perlis, only to get a comment that says "OH there's a lot of this kind of seaside restaurants in Klang" (T^T) Oh, Hon is from Klang, Selangor. He meant it in a good way lar, but put on pouty face once in awhile is good when someone concerns haha!

While waiting for our food, we saw a pair of otters swimming by the bank! At first I thought it was snake or something, but it turned out to be two otters and it was adorable! So cute I shouted "抓他们起来我带回家养!!" That was absolutely first time after years I've been eating at this place.

The next morning, we checked out and headed towards Wang Kelian. We turned into Kaki Bukit to have our breakfast and to see if the famous big pau 大包 is ready. We went in a stall and beside us was a group of aunties sitting together eating and chitchatting. The aunties were kind enough to shift their table a little inside and asked us to move in a little to avoid the sun. While we were eating, the unlimited flows of food on the aunties' table got our attention.

After eating, we continued our way to Wang Kelian. It was my second visit and I wasn't expecting anything, but Mr Hon here googled the place and kept emphasizing about the Wang Kelian Sunday Market and entering the Thailand border without passport thingy, so it got me curious too. We went to the market I've been to, and he kept going "No no no it isn't like this! I don't think it's this one, it should be across the border or something!" -_- Whatever, Sir...

Didn't want to give up just yet, we went out of the market, and saw people flocking in and out of one direction, so we followed the crowd like following a trail of ants and ended up at the border and immigration counter ahead. "Told you!" Yes sir, yes, whatever...

Lucky to us, there's a parking spot near to the gate, so we parked our car there, and began timidly walking across the immigration counter. I was worried my cowardly way of walking would catch the immigration staff's attention and they would detain me for not bringing a valid passport (yes, I didn't have my passport with me at the time) and suspect me as an illegal immigrant and and and...!!! Hon was a little beh tahan with my imagination so he dragged me across the border quickly.

Since it was the beginning of Ramadan season, there was no crowd and the scale of the market was pathetically small (unlike the one in Google Images). I didn't find anything interesting except the rice soap mom requested, and it was in fact boring that I have repeatedly told Hon about it... After about just 20 minutes of walking, we fed up and walked back to our car.

Went back to Wang Kelian again to see if the big pau was ready, sat down to have some drinks and glutinous chicken 糯米鸡. Bumped into a badminton friend who was buying the pau for his Kangar's friends, and two big guys had a good chat! The friend revealed that there is a hidden waterfall gem which only local (being Kaki Bukit-ian) knows about it! There and then, I could sense both of our eyes sparkled with excitement! Hehe...

Since both of us was still at non-hungry state, we gave up waiting for the pau and headed to our next destination - Chuping. I suddenly lacked of confidence on my GPS skill, so we depend on the GPS device, and what do you know, it led us into the orchard/estate/village/forest road that was very could-only-fit-one-car-at-a-time narrow. Apparently it showed the shortest route and that includes the 'inner' narrow road. *speechless*

We did successfully found our way to the sugar factory in Chuping, and again, I had to suppress myself from the awesome views of endless greensward so that the driver could keep his eyes on the road.

Pleasant hours fly fast. We had to put our trip to an end as Hon needed to drive back to KL not later than 3pm (so that he wouldn't arrive KL too late). So, that's it~ There's sure more travel posts to come later since I find myself a flashpacker *wink*


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