Cycling in the Morning - Backyard of Kangar, Perlis

Finally, a weekend when the weather was good and I'm around - it means cycling spree :)

WH had a bad knee so I went alone. 

I thought of doing a mini duathlon - cycling + running - but I have a premenstrual breast tenderness and swelling (In short, sucker-PMS-stuff), and because I don't like running that much anyway, so it was off the list.

These days, Perlis' morning is gloomy and dark, and it gets bright pretty late - about 8ish O' clock, so that kinda discouraging me to get up. I gathered all my motivation and dragged my sorry ass off the bed because I really need that ride!!

Instead of the usual route, I tried something different today, and it was so nice!!

Total of 24.32km in 1hr:42min, not bad~

I rode at the backyard of Kangar!! 

Since 80% of Perlis is covered by padi field (not sure about the percentage, I just simply put), there's a lot of small roads and trails, just wide enough for one car or one tractor to pass through. I would never drive into this kind of roads unless I'm on two-wheels.

Some stretch of the roads are very quiet and empty, at some point it is kinda scary too, but it's definitely worth it.

I stopped at a small shop in the middle of the padi field to have my breakfast. It is a non-halal Thai shop selling noodles.

Lard-loaded and I love it!
Overall, it is quite an experience to cycle on such padi field trails, especially since most of the roads are tarmac woohoo! Good to the tyre and butt! 

Too bad this is the only weekend I'm around in Perlis, so the next ride will be on Feb!


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