Another 'Decent' Sadao + Danok Day Trip

It's been two years since I went to Sadao or Danok, so when Johnson talked us into going to the border, I was excited! It was the first trial so the trip itinerary was very simple - Sadao's Tesco Lotus, and Danok's Mookata/steamboat buffet.

Five of us went: me, Hon (who came up north to surprise me, again), Hoon, Johnson and Shasha.

The good thing is Shasha is a Thai, so it made things a lot easier in terms of communicating hehe, rather than Johnson's "Chan mai kao jai" (I don't understand) all the time hahaha!

I was down into confusion again because during my last visit, Sadao and Danok are a same place with two different names; and this time, I was told they were literally two different places afterall (that's what I thought too all the time)! Argh! So I was right all along then!

Anyway, back to the trip.

Since we went in the afternoon, we missed the morning market at the Thai region Padangbesa, so we headed to Tesco lotus for our lunch.

Oh, FYI, we entered through the Padang Besar border.

What we had:
top right - kuey teow soup, bottom right - pork satay;
top left - watanhor, bottom left - pork leg rice
  And our dessert at Swensen's...

Mango something something

Ice cream + fruits with chocolate dip
 The first highlights was the shopping haha! As you might or might not know, the prices of groceries for most products in Thailand are cheap, way way cheaper than in Malaysia. Too bad I had my groceries shopping only few days ago, so I wasn't too keen about it - Not too keen but bought a large bags of junk food anyway hahaha!!

Next stop: Danok.

Going to Danok from Sadao (especially Tesco Lotus) was very easy - just straight down south.

It underwent some renovation and road reconstructions in Danok, so the road was kind of confusing and disorienting.

It was quiet and less crowded compared to the last time I came, maybe because of the bombing threat etc.

I was told the mookata/steamboat buffet shops which used to be at the end of the lanes were all closed and shifted to some other places. Wow that's new~ It wasn't even that much of eating shops anymore as what I recalled.

We found one at the end of a lane after being instructed by the local. I wasn't sure about the location but if I'm not mistaken, it was behind the Orange Grand Hotel. The eating experience was not that fun anymore because the shop kept playing Chinese sad songs (I'm OK with Chinese songs but why do you have to play those sad, breakup, lonely songs in an eating shop??), and the staffs speak fluent Chinese, which means this place was tourists oriented. Come to think about it, well, this is Danok we're talking about, of course it is tourists oriented.

The food wasn't so nice either since Hon and I had our Mookata in Bangkok only few weeks ago. The spread was limited and there weren't many choices anyway. All of us stink of Mookata smell afterwards haha!

We headed back after the dinner.

After the trip, Johnson is VERY excited and he already thinking about the next trip. Hon is excited too and blamed me for not bringing him to the border cities even once. Ok alright next trip then hehehe~


blueblurish said…
Hi, if we are entering from kayu hitam, heading north shud be danok or sadao. Cause planning to go to the morning market, but cant find the info.
Huey Nee Lim said…
Hi blueblurish, you will reach danok if you entering from kayu hitam.
About the morning market, I afraid I can't help much but 2 years back (Post here: there's a morning market in one of the alley opposite PP Hotel IF it's still there.
It have changed A LOT since I last visited so I can't really tell.

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