Fit Malaysia Perlis - Fun Ride + Zumba

The event was so fun it deserves an insta-post LOL!

I joined Fit Malaysia Perlis yesterday (13th June 2015) in UiTM, Arau - the 10km cycling event and Zumba in the evening as assistant. 5 of us friends joined the morning event, I was the only one cycling. Jabatan Belia dan Sukan (JBS) Perlis co-organized the event with Fit Malaysia.

I first knew about this Fit Malaysia Perlis event was during the Perlis Marathon where they set a booth there. The 'FREE registration' attracted me, and they have cycling event (!!), so I signed up for the 10km FM (Fit Malaysia) Ride. Free mah, not going also tak rugi LOL.

The event started at 7.30am. The bad news was I couldn't sleep on the previous night, perhaps because too excited or simply anxiety or whatnot, I slept only at about 2.30am and I had to get up at 6am. FML.

It was foldie's first not-really-competition event and I was excited!! The previous visit to the bike shop fixed the tight mid-body folding hinge so I could easily folded the bike into half and put it into my bonnet. I was a little nervous in case anyone looked down on folding bikes, but as it turned out, a lot of people went with foldies!! Woohoo all hail foldie! With macam macam pattern too!

We couldn't really hear what they were announcing at the main stage from the parking lots, so when I went to the starting line (where everyone was heading anyway), I saw a big group of people on bicycles were on the front of the line, so I hurriedly rushed towards it. The staffs had to move the side railings for us the cyclists to go through while yelling "hurry up hurry up cyclists HURRY GO GO GO!!!"

Only until today that I was told KJ (Khairy, our minister of Youth and Sports) actually took part in the cycling event too! OMG! A friend was one of the team to convoy with him but their uniform/shirt was too late to arrive so they missed the starting time.

The weather was chilly and cold due to last night's rain, plus it is the 'greening' season - means the padi is in the greenie stage, it was so nice and beautiful! The route was a circle, going from UiTM to Mata Ayer and head back. It covered two railroad flyovers so cardio was covered. Luckily my legs didn't give way due to lack of cycling lately hehe. At about the last 2km, while we gave way for the participants in the running event to go through, it started raining. My second experience of riding in the rain =D

Yay Medal with foldie woot woot!!
According to Endomondo, the distance was 12.76km (round up 13km as I forgot to switch it on at the beginning) and my time was 46min:45s. Not bad lah~

The fun fact was, I compared my time with those Kenyan who ran on the Perlis Marathon, and the conclusion is - I can't even beat them even if they run and I cycle! -__-
The only cycling chicks and the running chicks (and a dude)
Running medal vs Cycling medal

Made it! I hope there's more to come

I must say the medal looks very cun/nice!
 After having our snack pack, we took a stroll around the venue. It was such a big party so much things to see and do!

The main stage
 At the very front was the main stage. By the time I went, they were doing Zumba (by the KL instructors, brought in by the Fit Malaysia).

But there's more...

This was the... hmm... health zone?
They divided the tents into several sections/zones, where there was a parkour zone, music zone, F&B zone, self defense zone and so on. Institute Sukan Negara (ISN) had several booths too, and they had a fitness test section, a physical test section, a stationary cycling competition (I tried that and failed), and much much more. In the center was a health zone or something (pictured above), with few workout poles that look like smith machine. It was organized by the Fitness First (from what I saw on their shirt) and they had a workout routine for the participants. Awesome! I didn't try a lot of the stuffs though as the queue was scary and I getting tired from the lack of sleep.

I went to FH's cousin's house to take a nap and came back at the evening to help out with the 'local' Zumba slot. The crowd dissipated so fast, in the morning the place was crowded with huge crowd yet by the evening, it wasn't even enough to fit a class. I was not sure what was going on on the main stage, but I saw two instructors doing some lunges and squats on the HUGE stage, and there's only about 4-5 people following them. Pathetic sight.

The JBS was given a tiny stage at the very back of the event venue called the 'Self Defense Zone', yet luckily a lot of Theresa's students showed up and we had fun!! Theresa couldn't attend as she had the AFAA exam in Brunei, so I asked Ellisa and Zaina from Penang to back her up.

One mission done!
It was a day of rain, hot, sleepy, tired, sweaty and whole load of fitness fun altogether :)


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