Klang - Tanjung Sepat - Pantai Kelanang - Bukit Jugra - Carey Island Raya Day Trip

Route: Klang - FGS Dong Zen 佛光山东禅寺 - Lover's Bridge Tanjong Sepat - Pantai Kelanang - Bukit Jugra - dinner at Pulau Carey

My parents and Shirlyn were in town on Raya. Chen proposed a day trip (to tire them off haha) and up until the last minute, we decided on South Klang - with Hon made an awesome layout plan.

They came to Klang for a Bak Kut Teh brunch, then our first stop was FGS Dong Zen in Jenjarom.

Then all the way to Tanjung Sepat...

...only to find the place was packed with tourists and the lover's bridge was closed for maintenance purposes.

The other bridge
Tanjung Sepat is a small town with only (I think) 3 main roads and link with connecting narrow lanes. At this long break, this small town was packed with people! It was a hot day so we lingered at the souvenir shops as mom did her souvenir shopping and off we went away from this place.

The big wooden horse outside the souvenir shop
The next visit was to Pantai Kelanang, Banting.

The more famous beach spot is Pantai Morib which is more well-known. Enroute to Pantai Kelanang, we drove by Pantai Morib and the place was packed!! Cars parked here and there, camps and tents set up here and there, some brought half of their kitchen to the beach, everyone full blown picnic LOL!

On the contrary, Pantai Kelanang had lesser crowd, the parking is proper and spacious, a functioning and acceptably clean public toilet available, the sand is surprisingly very soft and fluff. The sea water, however, whoa it blew my mind. It's been awhile since I last saw a brown/dark color sea water, so it made me freaked when Shirlyn was excited wanting to play in the water.

The parents, the pregnant Chen and Hon rest and picnic under the pine tree while me, the seemingly strongest adult in the group, took charge of bringing Shirlyn to play at the beach. We bought a sand castle set for her in Tanjung Sepat but she was distracted by the kids playing in the water, or should I say all she wants was to play in the water herself.

I brought her to get her feet wet by the waves but she wanted to go further and I had to constantly block her, until mom said they brought her spare clothes. That's when all hell broke loose. OMG this girl didn't care at all, water dirty or not dirty also don't care, the main task was to get her hair wet....

gave up.... do whatever u wanna do lah dearie
Funny part was, when it's time to go (luckily she still willing to listen despite the reluctance), parents realized the spare clothes were at the other bag which was at the other car which was at Klang. A second luckily, dad brought an extra towel 'just in case' and it worked temporarily as her coverall. A third lucky, Hon remembered he had a shirt in the bonnet 'just in case' so that worked as her more proper coverall.

Next stop was Bukit Jugra watching sunset.

Hon's shirt was too huge for Shirlyn, so we made some alteration into a halter neck dress. LOL.
Halter neck dress from oversized shirt - she rocked it, kinda
(The pictures from the front were unsightful, only appropriate from inter-group sharing, hence the sideview picture only)

There wasn't many people there at the time, she had fun running around and around and around and be amazed while watching a group of monkeys trolling.

Last stop: Dinner at Ban La Kang Seafood Restaurant 万拉港海鲜楼, Kuala Langat.

The restaurant with no name LOL.

Honestly and literally, no name from front to back, so we were lost while searching for it. Not even a sign on the road.

We were told it is a 老招牌. Hon's father had dinner at this restaurant few weeks ago and he complimented the food, especially the tomato crab, so we really gotta have that. He didn't recall any name of the restaurant, and the direction he gave sounds straightforward enough. We Google-d seafood restaurants at Carey Island and the highest results are the Kang Guan restaurant 港源, so we followed the GPS given, but as always, GPS failed us. Hon reconfirmed the direction again with his dad, and we found, seems like it, the only seafood restaurant in that area.

I was skeptical about it, so I hurriedly tried to find at least a sign that says the restaurant's name, but nope~ NONE. That's pretty amazing if you think about it haha. The only thing they have their restaurant's name on is the receipt.

As a foodie, when the food was served, the first thing you need to do is to grab your spoon or fork or whatever utensils you have and start digging!! Haha! Yeah we didn't pray using the camera, so no food photos. Sorry~

We had the tomato crab (RM55), Thai steamed fish (RM51), salted egg mantis prawn (RM18), a veggie (RM10), oyster omelette (RM15) which came to around RM160 in total including tea (self-brought) and rice.

Remember to buy a loaf of bread before you go, ask them to toast it and eat it with the tomato crab sauce. The tomato crab is the must have. Also we noticed, on every table, all of them ordered a plate of fried rice which kinda intriguing, so that's in our list for next visit (if there's any).

Ban La Kang Seafood
319, Batu 1 1/2, Jalan Bandar Telok, Kuala Langat, 42500 Selangor.
Phone: 016-910 4587 / 019-255 7877
GPS coordinate: 2.882555, 101.450025
(the best I can get from GMap because I forgot to 'Pin' my location when I was there)
(tried to find the location using the direction given in foursquare but it leads me to 'Malacca Strait')


As usual, most Kelantanese Chinese would choose not to stay in Kelantan or go back to Kelantan during Raya. It would be pure insanity.

OK lah not all think like that. And it's not insanity, the better word would be "Unwise".

Based on Wikipedia and Google, out of 1.675 million population in Kelantan, 95% are ethnic Malay. Can you imagine, say not the whole 95%, but maybe 85% of them Balik Kampung?

I haven't been at home for the past 2 Rayas, and I would not too this time. Every time people asked me "Raya, tak balik ke?" I would say "Tak. Gila ker?? (to those whom I more close with) Bukan saya Raya pun kan. Saya pi KL. Untuk Chinese, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka pun out. Semua mesti jam. KL paling best~~" Same goes to the Chinese friends who asked me that, I said the exact same thing.


Jasmine * said…
Congrats, Chen!!! And Shirlyn has grown up! I wanna meet her :)

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