Laneige 21st Anniversary Workshop

Two weekends ago (12th July), I joined the Laneige 21st Anniversary Kbeauty Workshop at AEON Queensbay Mall with Theresa and Jynn.

It's easy enough to join: just purchase a RM50 fully redeemable Laneige voucher - but limited to first 50 customers only so you have to be quick! They said participants will get a Party Pack worth RM240, we'll see about that.

Two weekends before the workshop, I was in KL when Jynn left a lengthy voice WhatsApp messages. Theresa informed her about the workshop and she forwarded the message to me. While waiting in a line at Sushi Mentai Taipan, I said yes and three of us were on! Good thing they built a very close relationship with Ann, the sales person at Queensbay, so she reserved three vouchers for us (which Theresa quickly went to redeem the next day).

There are two sessions for the workshop, the morning and the evening session. We joined the morning session which started around 11AM. Participants are entitled to a tarot card reading session, manicure services and K-Makeover.

Got distracted by the beautiful young ladies with long legs rehearsing catwalks at the stage beside us. Apparently there was a Miss Earth Malaysia  beauty pageant competition going on, and oh their legs are so long, if I stand side by side with them their break of legs would be at the same level as my breast LOL.

Anyway, I'm more into the hunky tone-y fit-y type of ladies such as Linora Low and Hanisah Sharil, so to me, these Miss Earth youngsters are just a bunch of tall scrawny ladies who have all those features that men likes but all I can think of about them is if I am able to break their legs like how Bane breaks Batman's back. Hahaha I'm weird like that.

The workshop started with a lady (whom her name skipped my memory Oops) from KL giving talks about the Kbeauty and the latest product release - the Mini Pore series featuring the Blurring Tightener and the Waterclay Mask. She talked about the monster pores that freaked all of us out!

The workshop (and the roadshow) was held at the Central Atrium, where the roof was half transparent. When the sun went up, the ray fell directly to where we sat and it was a hot sunny day that day. So we had to shift our seats away to avoid the sun.

At the end of the workshop, she demonstrated the makeup technique using Laneige's product on a model. During the demo, we were also given a chance to try the blurring tightener.

The sun was still shining directly at us and most of the ladies had shifted their seat except one. For some unknown reason, she insisted to sit at the very spot, at the front most and directly in front of the stage, although her friends asked her to move. Then the presenter asked if she wants to use an umbrella, and she really did take out her umbrella from her bag! The shiny one no less!! And there she was, shading herself under the umbrella, with her umbrella reflecting all the sunshine to us instead! And see, I'm still so kind calling her 'lady' instead of 'aunty'. Luckily the assistant informed me that I could proceed to the tarot card reading yay!

I managed to get the K-Makeover only because the line at the manicure counter was ridiculously long. At the time, we wasn't sure how the K-Makeover works although we participated the workshop AND spent more than RM150 on purchase, we asked the staff and they were like "the appointment is already full, but if you don't mind waiting we can slot you in when there is vacant spot" and it worked! The girl who did my makeup seemed tired and sleepy, so she did a very simple one, and I went for a photoshoot.

In action hahaha!
 They snapped around 16 pictures overall and asked me to choose. I always find it weird and odd and embarrassed whenever I see my own pictures, especially this kind of take-picture-on-purpose pictures. My smile is so crooked and weird, I look so awkward, OMG I look so funny and ugly and awkward all in one!! Although Jynn said I seemed like enjoying myself during the photoshot haha! And she also said in her eyes I looked pretty in the pictures. Thanks for the words babe~

End product
 There's always a catch. Although it stated FREE, there is never "really" free. I had to pay RM10 for the picture to be laminated and whatsoever. OK lah fine.

I still think I look weird.

In our goodies bag/Party Pack, we get a (clockwise) Sleeping Mask, Light Skin Refiner, Light Balancing Emulsion, Water Bank Essence, 2 packs of Mini Pore Waterclay Mask, Water Bank Eye Gel, Mini Pore Blurring Tightener, BB Cushion, and a towel. Don't know if it worth RM240 but, nah, don't care, as long as I get free stuff that's all I care haha!

Another mystery story here. We went to the Laneige counter in AEON to collect our party pack and make some purchase. Please be noted that the counter is located at the corner of department with the table where the sales sit facing the wall! Like an abandoned step child who is forced to sit at the time out zone like that. I don't know why do they design it like that, they don't want Laneige to get all the attention in the vanity department I assume.

Anyway, the structure of the counter is crucial in my storytelling. Jynn and Tess had already knew what do they want to buy and had already making purchases and ready to pay, while I was still waiting for Ann, the sales person, to recommend me stuff that I truly need/suit me the best. Before we were doing all that (both girls went paying, I went to the front with Ann for products recommendation), we left our goodies bag at the counter, both of their bags closer to the counter as Jynn put her stuff in her bag already while mine a little further away from them.

Ann has the best customer service in the world I tell you!!! Although she didn't remember me from my last visit and still asked a few same questions as she did last time, she patiently listened to my questions, apologized repeatedly because too many customers and had to make me wait, didn't force me to buy things but to get the necessity set first and so on.  While I made the round, finally decided what to buy and made it back to the counter facing back, I realized my bag was gone! Tess was furious because right before that, she wrote our names on the bags! OMG!! We tried searching around those who were holding the Laneige bag but couldn't find it. Luckily they were willing to give me another bag.

The moral of the story is: Go find Ann in Laneige AEON Queensbay Mall haha! She remembers her regular customers by first name, this one I like very much.

***     ***    ***

I signed up as a member and was entitled to several vouchers that is valid until march 2016, so I started planning on when to buy what and use which voucher to buy during when. Haha complicated.

But 计划永远赶不上变化, means planning cannot win over changes, because when I was at AEON Bukit Tinggi Klang just to check out the price/promo, (and I must say the counter there is MUCH better! It is the first counter you'll see when you go into the vanity department, right next to the sensor gate, and the counter is facing front and all!), and whoa they really do have a promo! I got super excited when I heard all the things that I want was in promo price - the Water Bank Essence and Water Bank Gel Cream - which is RM61 cheaper than normal price. Immediately grabbed those along with the Waterclay Mask as you need to buy one product with normal price, and the Mask is only at RM100 which is a steal!!

This was up in their Instagram account two days after I made my purchase

My vanity portion
Pray hard this whole set of Laneige will help fix my skin. Pretty please.


Hanisah Sharil said…
Hey dear!
I know this is random but I was checking what sort of content is out there regarding me. I found this blog of yours from years ago. Thank you so much for mentioning my name and the compliment!

Hanisah Sharil.
Huey Nee Lim said…
WOW O.M.G. The Hanisah Sharil herself commented! I am honored! :D
Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it =)

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