Thanks to the sucky hostel server (Have been server down for few days wtf!!!), I'm now cruising through net in the noisy library's discussion room.

Anyway, some highlights during the server down period:

1. My bestest friend is getting married! ^^ I'm so happy for her!

2. Four papers were over! *Scream for joy* two more to go two more to go two more to go two more to go two more to go!
Modeling boleh tahan la... Imaging still can survive kot, although not really confident can score... Instrumentation Design, just hope I didn't 'UNDER-PERFORMED' again!! Pantang tau... BI Uni, stupid wajib subject that gives me headache and dragging my pointer.

Apa2 pun....


3. I bought myself a watch through :)
Thanks to the extra income earned from Uni and the trusty seller, I received the item in one piece from SIBU! Summore the ABX Express guy delivered the item right in front of my hostel door! Touching or not you say?? Pictures will be up later...

4. FYP ViVa postpone to 25th Nov. WTF!? Best part was my two best friends met Mr YB in the lab yesterday, and when he knew about this news, he said ....... *secret* .... Kita2 je tau dah lah... And I think same goes to many other lecturers too.
Cincai lah if later they change back to 23rd Nov, it makes me pissed already! How about those who already bought their ticket back? Raya Haji on 27th Nov lah, wanna make their life miserable meh? My mum will be in KL until 22nd lah~ And we even need to pay for the hostel wtf!!!

That's all for now... Wish me luck in everything. I love you.


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