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The initial plan was to come back from Perlis today, but since I 'foresee' the bundle of housework that mom would be happy to have extra hands in the house, so OK la, going back on Sunday as a god obedient daughter Ahem...

Aunty landlady is quite a good decorator. Her CNY decoration on the house is nice~
Paiseh nah pictures taken at night for the nice light effects, but I have low quality camera...

^Two bright red lanterns and rolls of ingots lamp

^Firecrackers-like bulbs and running lights on tree

Thanks to Aunty, I can 'slightly' feel the spirit of coming CNY since the town is quiet as it always is and I spent very few times at the local Chinese market.

Drove home with 2 clustermates at 9am.

^Breakfast. RM3! 3 huge ass prawns!! Envy me please!

I must admit I did drive over the speed limit in most of the place despite the rather bad weather. Anyway, I found that one of the accident occurrence possibility is 'unintentionally' because of the Police's OPS sikap along the way. I don't blame them for keeping the road accident-free, but as they placed triangle cones on the road, some drivers actually pressed brake 'TO THE END' to decelerate -___- !

Mild rain and heavy fogs, plus the Grik mountain road was a little rough as the road condition was bad, even one of my rim covers flew off! Haha! Luckily it didn't cause any accident, it just frightened the car in front of me.

Overall, smooth journey and aching shoulder muscle.

The very first creature greeted me when I arrived:

^This two fur kids!!

BiBi has grown a lot! On the other hand, CoCo has aged.

^New spectacle and grass rabbit from Muar Yuen Chen Siang :)

I miss home a lot...


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