First blog entry in 2011

Reminiscing about 2010, it's been quite a tough and rough year, mostly academic.

My final semester of my final year, the miserable FYP viva, convocation, decision to further study in UniMAP (balik pada asal), and the very last thing that upset me to end 2010 was the NSF interview.

OMG my life is so boring, I ranted mostly about the academic stuffs! -___-

Today was the first day I came into the research cluster after absent for almost 2 weeks. The first greeting from clustermate was:"Long time no see woh....", next "You've been to vacation?"

You bet! I've been going around injuring myself!! Haha!

I went in the cluster with a miserable mood, 'thanks' to the interview. Then the gossip started of course. Cannot missed that out.

As time went by, I felt a little contented because I am 'wanted'! There's someone actually anxiously wanted to share something nice with me and kept looking for me for days because I MIA. :)

Then there's discussion about looking for part time job or a side income due to the predicted 'unsuccessful' interview and to solve the financial difficulties.

Well, it's not really that bad lah, but just in case...

Let's pray this year to be a better year, to you, to you, to you to you to you :)

Extra story time:

Do you want to have a 5-minute workout that will make you sweat and feel fun? I have this nice video to share to you!

To add some more sweat and fun onto it, you can do rope-skipping after this routine. Sure shiok one!!


Dont give up on everything happened to you. Everythin happened for reason. Think Positive and believe, something better will come to you later ;)

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