Different People Different Perspective

One of my cluster buddy quits, she left proudly yesterday.

I did try to persuade her to stay, however, since I was the one went along with her to meet Prof, we asked the same thing, we listened to the same thing, we were told the same thing... When I realize the way I understand things Prof said is quite different way from what she understood, I knew I am not the best person to talk to her. The only role I can do is listener.

Everyone has their own perspective, their own way to interpret things they see or hear. People will only listen to what they want to hear. It's how the mind of an individual works, and it's not easy to change it. The same sentence or question or statement, when it is presented to different ears, it carries the different meaning.

For example: "I don't want to do this anymore."

Some might understand it as "he/she doesn't want to do this anymore";
for some, it might sound like "he/she changes 他变了! He/She is not the same person as last time already."

Just like the case of my friend and I. I cannot say I fully understand her feeling as I am not in her shoes, but the way she register Prof's statement, the things she saw was Prof's bias against her, disapproval and scorn of her work.

Well, what can I say? It's life, it's part of the journey...


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