UTM Johor

My blog progress is just like my PhD progress - 'Procrastination'!!

Put away the Vietnam stuff, let's talk about the recent stuff I've been into.

Went to UTM last Monday for a conference with 4 other postgraduate students, and one driver. Yup, for some reason, Uni 'geniusly' sent ONE driver for a 800++km driving journey.

Perlis-Johor, literally from the most North to the most South, bu shi kai wan xiao de!!

We arrived there safely, and the pakcik driver was ultimately tired. Accommodation was prepared for us, the UTM's hostel.

This hostel reminded me of my good old days in Politeknik Shah Alam's hostel, yet it was too creepy to compare with it. It was so old-looking inside out, it feels 'haunted'.

The conference was packed with talks by the Professors, topics ranging from scholarships, graduate office, postgraduate students' issues, publication game, interdisciplinary graduate education, and my MOST favourite part - Graduate on Time (GOT).

Two full days of talks and forums and stuff, I was brain-washed (in a good way) and refill tank full of enthusiasm towards my PhD!

On the last day of the conference, Wednesday, all the students from other universities had left the hostel remaining four of us in the whole block of hostel, which was super duper creepy, so we decided to leave one day earlier (which required a night travel). I continuously asked pakcik's opinion because he was the one driving, and I wouldn't mind if he not willing to drive in the night.

Managed to catch up with Su Natasha, ex-coursemate, for 20 minutes before we departed. 20 minutes was certainly not enough to even start gossiping, but better than none loh~


Anonymous said…
Hahaa! The shortest 20 minutes ever. I didn't even tak sempat nak spell the word 'vietnam'. Haven't drop by ur blog for quite a while... Spazz me all about Vietnam... What the use of having wassap meh? Hehe.. Miss ya alot!


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