What a Way to End the Year (Update)

Yesterday, I went to Tesco Mergong Alor Star to COD (cash-on-delivery) a Powerbank.

In the parking bay, while waiting in the car queue for a car who's waiting for some car to get out from their parking, suddenly that car which was in front of me suddenly reverse, apparently without LOOKING BACK! This was the very first time I hold the honk down and not the tap-on-it kind of honk, but, still, 'BANG'. I literally rolled my eyes!


Got down the car. The driver is a Malay middle-aged guy. I was so freaking pissed off (not race-related, don't get me wrong), I didn't even want to put up the good-girl face and asked for compensation.

He tried to talk me off that and settle 'without involving any penny', luckily there's a worker nearby to back me up. The settlement didn't go well and he started to say things like, "Come on, my car is scratched too!" Although mine is also a scratch and crack on the bumper, especially there's old injury on the same spot...

DUDE, if you are careful enough to even mind to use the rear mirror, you don't even have to spend a penny to repaint that freaking scratch on your freaking white car!!!

...and they say female is the worst driver!!!! I can't believe that! Does rear mirror mean anything to you??!?!?!

He did pay up in the end, it's not much, and I use the money for donation. GOD BLESS YOU!

*** *** ***

Today, was in a dilemma to decide the order of whether to start clean up the house, or to bathe the furbrats, or what to have for breakfast, or to get my ass off the bed first.

I sorted to Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu (breakfast and lunch) at Taman Hijrah.

It's merely 3-4 km away from my house, I would cycle, but the weather didn't look good, so I drove.

I was so blur, when I ordered, I actually said, "dage so, dage so"
P/S: That is in Kelantanese, dage is nasi dagang, so is one. Instead of saying "dage so, kabu so", I repeated the same thing twice. Everyone was confused, including myself right after I said it.

Then I went to Bank Islam to withdraw money. Spent almost every penny yesterday in Alor Star.

When I headed back to my car, put key in the key hole, twist,


Out of the blue, a loud 'BANG' from underneath my car hood, smokes coming out from the hood, and everyone nearby was stunned!

My jaw dropped, opened the hood, and people nearby starting to gather around my car, checking out what's going on.

It turned out to be the car battery exploded. OK it might sound very serious stuff in FB and here, but the truth is, the sides of the battery cracked, the battery water flowed out. No fire, no nothing, just smoke at that very moment, and my sad face all along.

A pakcik with his family came over to check on me, and he helped uninstall the kaput battery. While I was worried about where to find a spare part shop on Sunday morning, they told me to go to the one opposite the road.

After I came back with the new battery, the pakcik was around waiting for me, helped me install the new battery! This kind of good Samaritan makes the world a better place =)

The fact that the battery is only two years old, the car needs a trip to the workshop to check on the wiring and stuff. ARGH!

What a way to end the year huh.... =.= I need cuddles =(

P/S 1: The exploded battery is the Maintenance Free (MF) battery, those kind that people call it "dry" battery.
P/S 2: When the installation of new battery was done and I thanked the pakcik a million times, I started to feel itchy on the hands and legs. Only then I realized that I handled the exploded/leaked battery with bare hands (put it into the battery box and move it to the trash bin), literally touching the acid spills with bare hands =.=
P/S 3: The explosion was quite dramatic too. It's just like those scenes in the movies, the victim switched on the car door lock, got in the car, put key into the keyhole, twist, and 'BOMB'!! That was exactly how it happened, but in my case, luckily it's a fire-less battery explosion...

*** *** ***


Sent the car to workshop this morning, and the result of diagnosis is faulty alternator, causing the battery to overcharge. Original/new one would cost around RM600+-, so I sorted to the cheaper renewed/remodeled/whatever-they-call-it one at RM200.

Since the alternator is located at the front left side of the engine, I suspect the Saturday accident at Tesco somewhat caused this damage. BLOODY YOU!!

Oh yes, after this 'explosion' incident, I'm not dare to try those MF battery anymore (yet), so I bought the "wet" type.

Sigh, money is always spent faster than earn. :(  Cuddles are needed badly :(


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