Xmas Party at Theresa's

Theresa held a pre-Christmas party at her place last Thursday. Managed to be back on Thursday morninf and thank goodness the dizziness didn't attack me (Felt dizzy the whole day on Tuesday after arriving Johor, consequence of sleeping in the moving bouncy van)

It was the pot luck style again, but this time, since I wasn't around, all I sponsored were soft drinks.

The meal the girls prepared was so yummeh!!!! Theresa prepared cookies (with Lee Jynn) and macaroni with beef; Rachel prepared Nando style set meal with chicken, salad and corn, and chocolate fondue!; Aimi cooked spaghetti. My tummy is so happy!! ^^

Look at the food!!
The girly talks were fun! The gossips, the X rated, the old times, this and that... I was still in the tired mode as after traveling for 14 hours, I cleaned my room and their cage for the whole day, and Zumba in the evening, so I was all ears for the talks. And also photography sessions by Tess's Christmas tree :)

Went home a little early due to the tiredness (and had to miss the second round), with a da bao. Even after overnight and reheating, the macaroni and spaghetti were finger licking good!!!

Yummy to the max!!


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