CSI: Never Gonna Be The Same Again

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' was first introduced to me when I was at the ex-bf's house back in, wow, 2003, I think.

I started 'officially' watching on Season 4 in 2004, almost the same time as House M.D. came out. I'm speaking of the era when I got my first laptop, Internet was still a luxury (provided my hostel's cyber cafe's internet sucks max), and we were still using 3 1/2" floppy disks for computer data transferring. AXN was my fixed channel whenever I went back home for semester breaks.

That time, the Grissom team was utmost awesome. For several seasons later, the casts remained the same and that definitely retain the teamwork chemistry real strong. The presence of Lady Heather doesn't bother me, it creates a different set of chemistry between her, Gil and Sara.

The most awesome season finale, 'Grave Danger' of season 5, is still running in my head. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, it was Tarantino-ly spectacular. If I'm not mistaken, I watched it 2-3 times on TV when it repeated, and thanks to AXN they showed it 2 episodes back-to-back.

Then, there's 'The Miniature Killer', being the main subject for the whole season 7. Comparing with the psycho Nate 'Dick-and-Jane Killer' Haskell, Natalie won big time. And, of course, I love the way Gil investigates stuff. Call me prejudice.

In Season 9 episode 5, 'Leave Out All The Rest', when the song was played at the beginning of the episode, Gil showed the signs of "burnout". What do you know? He left the show in the mid of this season too.

Then, there came Raymond Langston. Some of the case investigations were fun to watch, but Grissom's leaving had burnt my spark of love towards CSI. The whole Dick-and-Jane thing was not my thing.

Season 12 began, and after Ray caused a whole lot of mess in the CSI team and left, Catherine pulak dah~~ Way before I started watching the season, I spoiler-ed myself about Catherine's leaving in this season and prepared myself for it. Unfortunately, the mental preparation doesn't help. DB Russell joins the team as supervisor, recruited Finn in the process, and for new casts, they have way too much secrecy between them to fit into the I-presume-already-established team in the series. It, just, doesn't feel the same anymore! The feeling was similar to House M.D. season 8.

Sometimes when Sara, Nick and Greg sit together, that's the time when I feel the spirit of the old team, and I miss it a lot! Not to say that the new casts aren't good, but I miss the old gang.

I was an episode away from season finale, and since I've, again, 'spoiler-ed' myself of the episode and knowing it was linked to the season 12's premier, I'll keep it for a suitable time for a two episodes back-to-back.


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