Wee Shirlyn 1 Year Update

Whaddayaknow, she is one year old already!!!

Gah, sometimes I hope time can go by like those Perlisian drivers (not all) who drives their car at 50-60km/h speed on the right lane of a stretch of 90km/h road. A little unreasonably slow would be good.

The official birthday was on 6th June, but since Friday falls on 7th and it's weekend in Kelantan, Da Jie had a birthday bash at Four Season Restaurant for this brat Little One.

Little One has a range of dresses for her to wear, and the way the mother arranged it to take photos is so much like the online seller trying to sell the dress!

Look at all these princess-y dress!!

The party was OK with one snag - there was no cake!! LOL. One of the cake's mission was to take picture with the birthday girl at a studio, where the appointment was after the party. Hence, no cake.

The mother ordered Jelly cake too!!! Yum Yum!!! It was very HUGE and heavy, but since it's all jelly, the cake disappeared pretty fast too, especially when the house was occupied by a bunch of great-eater human.


OMiGosh my last update about her was during February!!

Little One went to clinic on last Tuesday for injection, and she is now weighed at 8.9kg and in healthy state. Dad and Da Jie said she didn't cry one bit during the injection, in fact, she stared at the nurse while she was getting her shots, and curious about it all along even after the injection was done. One toughie girl!

She has been the active, healthy, cheeky baby like the rest of the babies in the world. Anyway, due to the prejudice, she is the cutest baby in the world and don't try to convince me about other babies' cuteness unless he is a cute baby boy then I'll try to arrange them to meet LOL!

She started move around on all-four since March, and nowadays she moves around a lot faster that it is impossible to not looking at her all the time. She would climb on chairs, reach out whatever it is on the table especially remote control and phones - oh yeah this smarty panty knows the good stuff already; climb on stairs, grab whatever she sees, put whatever she's holding into her mouth, and the list goes on...

It's harder to get her to sleep/nap now because of all the distractions, especially when there's more mischievous playmates around. We can't even whisper for goodness sake!! It must be total silence until she reaches the slumber land -_-

She is in the trying-to-stand-on-two phase but she lacks confidence. When she does, and knowing she is standing on her own without any external support, she would giggle and wiggle until she loses her balance and sit back down. Sometimes we would trick her to take few small steps, and judging by her laugh, yeah she love that very much.

She is getting clever too. Example, she loves playing with Lim Tino's Samsung Galaxy S4 (What is it between babies and electronic stuff?), so sometimes when she is difficult to handle, we would toss her the phone (yeah, bad move, I know) to get her attention. When we want to take the phone back by giving or exchanging another toy/stuff, she would know immediately it's a trick, ignore us and not negotiable at all! Smart-ass chick!

She is nowhere near the talking phase yet. So far the sounds she mutters are the meaningless Ah Eh Oh, and how does she get our attention? She simply crawls to us and koala-hug!

One thing though. Although she seemed to be bigger in size during pre-one-year-old, she gets smaller and longer growing up. All the baby fat is gone, and the baby fat on the thigh is turning into muscles!

I wanna show the picture of consequences of having a baby in the house - a crime scene of toys and its perpetrator, but it takes ages to upload the picture, so I owe you that~


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