Update on Kayap/Shingles

Right after the previous post, I went to the clinic, started antiviral antibiotic and applied the Declovir cream on the infected.

Miraculously, the next morning (Day 5), it dried up to a point that it was no longer so nasty :) ...but still in pain.

still look nasty on picture though
I had to bring along a change of clothes when I arrive at the lab, as the 'proper wear' has hard fabric and is harsh/induce pain to the area. I had to stop all sweating activities to make sure the area is dry for the drying-up process.

Day 7, the dried skin slowly peeling off and it got less pain. It still leaves a mark so I was told not to eat soy sauce in case it get darker and leave a permanent mark.

I asked a specialist whom I plays badminton with about this kayap/shingles thing, and, according to him, there's no exact medicine for it. The cream is only for cooling effect, the antibiotic is for antiviral, and even if you don't apply any cream or have any medicine, the kayap will still dry up few days later. There is also no clue to determine the cause of this. So, i guess bedak sejuk itself is enough to apply, unless you have panel clinics like I do! Then just go to clinic for free medical lah hahaha!! =D


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