Rest In Peace, Ah Ma Batnar

Ah-Ma as in ‘grandmother’, Batnar as in a place’s name – where she’s from.

Ah-Ma Batnar aka my paternal grandmother passed away on 19th Aug, Wednesday, aged 95.

That day, I was busy preparing for the 8.30am badminton tournament in UUM that I missed my mom’s call at 6.30am. The boys who are long-time tournament participants advised us to switch off our phone to avoid distraction. I didn’t read any messages until after I finished my miserable first single game. 

After losing the first single game, I finally had the time to look at my phone and the first thing that came to my mind after I saw the message dad sent was:”Yikes~ What about the next game?”

At that moment, I wasn’t feeling sad or anything, instead, I felt troubled that I might not be able to play on the next game which was on Friday.

After settling everything, I went back home that night.

I still wasn’t feeling sad or anything even when I saw her in the coffin, but Wee Shirlyn creep the heck out of us though.

When I carried her up to let her see her great grandmother, she said (while looking at Ah-Ma in the coffin):”Ah-joh (as in great grandma in Hokkien) sleeps, shhhhhh be quiet…. She’s not waking up already, she went to see papa...”

Woah I did not expect that from a 3 year old especially she wasn’t even born yet when her father passed away.

Tino said, that night before, she said things like:”Ah-joh sleeps forever liao” and kept staring at this empty room during the prayer session the night before. Creepy~~~

The funeral went smoothly.

Ah-Ma, you have come to the final chapter of your life and you can finally close your book of life.

Rest in peace, Ah-Ma. 

*****     *****      *****     *****

CNY 2008 I  think... Those days when she was still healthy and strong and chubby
2010 CNY reunion dinner

Great grandmother vs Great granddaughter


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