12 hour zzZZzZZz

After few days of super sunny day weather and extremely hot night weather, last night, there was this super-duper-cats-and-dogs rain pouring down from the sky.

The rain was so heavy, I couldn't go to the sink at the back to wash my spoon and glass. The wind was so strong, I had to tight up my room's curtain coz the wind kept on blowing the curtain towards the fan. *scary*

I was just gao dim my dinner and planned to continue on my safety's revision. The time was 8.00pm. My eye lids were surrender-ing, my brain stop working, I was sleepy!

So I decided to take a nap konon-kononnya for awhile. When I woke up, the time was already 2.00am. I set my alarm at 5am, then slept back. When the alarm rang, I pressed snooze and slept back. When it rang again, I pressed snooze again. I pressed so many times until I serabut and set it at 7am. When the alarm rang, I opened my eyes and heard there's sound from toilet. My housemate was using the toilet. It means even if I wake up now, I can't use the toilet immediately. So I pressed snooze again. Pressed and pressed and pressed until it's finally 8.15am. I felt guilty and sorry for ignoring the alarm, and I woke up.

So it's a total of 12 hour zZZzzZzZZz. The End.


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