Construction of Kong Ming 诸葛亮孔明

This is the box.
This is not the original version of BB Gundam.

Take note at the bottom right of the box. If it is original, it is produced by BanDai. Instead, this one is from HongLi. As you all know, pirated quality is not so good.

Body parts of Kong Ming before assembly.

After assembly

Wearing helmet and crown


The fan-shape weapon that can transform into a spy bird!

Ps: The pirated version's quality is not good in terms of few aspects. First, The cutting of stickers is not totally finished, so I have to tear it off at the end of the cutting when tearing it off from the paper, summore the color is not good also. Plus, when assembling the parts together, the hole and the pole is not quite match either, so I need to push it hard to get it combined together. Haiz~

When I bought Liu Bei and Cao Cao the other day, I have this 'Not for sale' little soldier for free.

The assembling of this model is easy. It has only 3 major parts: one whole piece body, hands and legs.

The color is as plain as it can be too. So I need to gather up my creativity to color it up.


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