Balik Kampung!!

Yay kampung is balik-ed!!!!


On Friday, I finished my German paper for about 1 hour half, hurriedly ran out from the exam hall coz it's too cold!!! DKD5 mah those who know will know. Then I rushed to CIA office to see Pn. Lyn.

LCC and I drove back from Perlis yesterday morning. I planned to use the Alor Star route but when we went for about 8km along that road, traffic jam strikes! Duh~ We're not very sure what caused the traffic jam and how long it will take to 'wait', so we changed our route to Changlun blahblah to highway.

Lost again in SP, went for one big round to go back to the normal route. Along the route, I was tired and had a head-ache, but weird coz I didn't sleep at all. It's not very hot, raining at some places.

We reached KayBee at about 6pm.

*Home sweet home*


Anonymous said… ka LCC gege kelek?

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