Potluck / Jamuan Sebelum Ramadhan

Obviously, I'm not the one who is going to celebrate Ramadhan.

The jamuan/potluck was on last Monday. It was the idea of the elder sisters in the cluster. I was supposed to in-charge the desserts with the Master students but I totally forgot all about it. At 11.30pm Sunday night, Inception happened and I had the "kick" out of sudden, remembering the jamuan. Too bad, it's too late. Haha~

^Whole table of fooooood!!

^Whole table of local fruuuuiiits!!

There's laksa, spagetti, kuih-muih, mini nasi bungkus prepared by the fellow clustermates. The local fruits were brought by Prof Yusof all the way from Kelantan. Yum yum!! Too bad I'm not a fan of salak and that's why En. Shahril disapproved my identity as Kelantanese. Haha!

^The elder sisters in the cluster prepared ulam for laksa

The jamuan went on for the whole day because too many food! I brought back some for dinner. That evening, I 'chewed' dozens of rambutans non-stop and someone actually noticed that. :p

Random pictah time:

1. Lotti Tiam
^Can see the name? 'Lotti Tiam Bakery'

Imagine the conversation:

A: Ai ki talok? (Where are you going?)
B: Wa ai ki lotti tiam. (I'm going to the bakery.)
A: Oh. Talok jit geng? (Oh. Which one?)
B: ... ...Lotti tiam.

Sorry, but it sounds funnier in hokkien. 'Lotti tiam' is the hokkien term for bakery that we always use, it particularly means bread shop lah. So, if a bakery shop's name is Lotti Tiam, it can be rather confused, and might trigger a quarrel sometimes. LoL.

2. Look below.
^Look disgusting?

It's mum's recipe, my work of ice-blended dragon fruit! :)

It might look yucky but the taste is nice!

3. The room.

Wide enough to put one small couch, small fridge etc... But it's the middle room, so can be quite hot sometimes, and must switch on lamp all the time even during bright day.

4. Convocation on this Saturday!!! :)


DoJef said…
all the best with your new start in Kangar! ; )
tino said…
It's mum's recipe, my work of ice-blended dragon fruit! :)

It might look yucky but the taste is nice!


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