Days at home

It's been almost a week now since I rot in KB.

The purpose of coming back home is because of a training in HUSM related to my MSC research: to study the leukemia image. However, due to the extreme packed and busy schedule of the head of Hematology (The Doctor who is incharge of lecturing us), so far, I only viewing the complicated image of the slide and know nothing yet. *yawn*

Anyway, the more I learn about leukemia, the more interested I am on it, and the more I confused about myself.

The question I always ask myself ever since I started my MSC is: "Am I really want to go into image processing?" No doubt, my heart is always towards Motion Analysis and biomechanics, but it is probably just the hobby or some interesting study I want to find out, but for a long-term academic research, it won't do any good for me 'gua'...

So, all I have to do now is to concentrate on what I choose to face and forget about other things else lah~

Extra pictah time:

Jeng, jeng, jeng!!

^...presenting the new member of the house.

Mom wants, and cold hearted enough, to replace our aged old pet dog, CoCo, thus she asked a relative of mine to look out for a dog to rear at home.

This fellow is a male, yet his name is BiBi Lim. The origin of the name is from Mom, and I don't know where did she get the idea, but it is an easy name to call, and the fellow responds well to the name too. However, this name always makes me mis-call him as a 'good girl' instead of 'good boy'. -______-

^The dog who knows his forbidden area in the house

He is a mischievous little rascal, who has a sharp teeth and in the 'biting stuffs' age and mood. He bites the boxes, the slippers and sandals, mom's plants, newspapers etc; he digs holes at places with and without(!) dirt (ie. the house mosaic floor, outdoor concrete floor, tar road etc); He learns the seriously wrong way of 'hand' etc etc etc. Luckily he doesn't chew at the shoes, he just bites it away.

^OMG pet abuse

At his second day at our home, I accidentally ran over him, and saw it with my own eyes when his leg was under my car's tyre!! 0.0 It freaked me out and my whole body shivered. Luckily, few hours later, he ran and jumped as usual. However, ever since then, he scared of cars, and thanks to that too, he automatically ran to his 'car shelter' when he hears the car starts.

He is a 记仇 little fellow too. When someone scolded him for his mischievous behavior, he would bite the particular person's slipper away with resentment. It happens few times already. And, as I say, luckily he doesn't chew at it, so the punishment wasn't that harsh yet.

^He tries to be friendly...

....but the cool girl doesn't want to play nice.

Just seconds after this picture was taken, CoCo scolded him to being too close.

Having two pet dogs in the house now, CoCo feels her status in the house has significantly dropped (in fact, no lah, she's still Pa's queen) and 失宠. So she pouts more, act cute more, but still doesn't stay at home more often. Even, when 'the principal' comes back, she quickly run to his side. -_____-

^"Listen to me dude, I'm the queen in the house, and don't you dare messing around with me, or pissed me up, or else....."

^"Now, look at the camera, and smile!"

^"... ...errrr, Bye?"


tino said…
wa gaso bibi terkejut coco ane je mo...
wa suka e ear...

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