Happy Chap Goh Meh 2011

A good way to end the Chinese New Year of The Year of Rabbit.

Become quite a buddy with the tayar shop boss. Passed by his shop after lunch yesterday, and we waved up high to each other when he was in the shop and I was at the outside, like very good buddy kind of greeting. Awesome~ :)

Had a KFC dinner gathering with friends. Food, chatting, gossiping, joking - the best part of being with your girlfriends. :)

My diet works! At least according to the girls who always say nice things. Can see a significant waist line! Wahahaha!
However, latest record is 59++ kg, so I'm still at the edge of initial 6. -__-

Will be moving to the bigger room at the end of this month since the handsome housemate moved out. I have been keep an eye on the room for a long time for its big wide windows and natural sunlight into the room! (my current room is in the middle of the house, the only light available in the room is the florescent light, and the only 'wind' available is from the fan. Pathetic!)

My stuffs are unimaginably a lot already up til this day, the cables are the most headache part. Never mind, things will be sorted out when my eyes sore enough.

^I miss this stupid-and-manja dude :(


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