Campaign Sharing Time

Money is the boss for the time being. Bear with me haha~ Anyway, these are a few campaigns on ChurpChurp and YouthSay that I find quite interesting and wanted to share with you (earning some money on the same time hehe...)

1. #petronasCNY presents one of the best festive ad, AGAIN! :)

Every year during the festive season, I'm not sure about others, but whenever I have the chance to sit in front of the TV, I would pay some attention on the advertisements, especially those from Petronas because they always produce very nice and meaningful advertisement, mostly thanks to Yasmin Ahmad, the awesome woman.

After her death, I expect not much from other directors to be able to produce such a good quality advertisement. Surprise not, Petronas, again, comes out with this very nice commercial. Very much of Yasmin Ahmad style, thanks to her husband who carries along her spirit onto TV screen.

Yup, exactly what my parents ARE telling me right NOW! :p Disobedient girl, what to do~

Weeks ago, ChurpChurp introduced this campaign about the commercial, to test yourselves how will you treat your parents in different kind of situation.

I was in the research cluster when I played the game, so I managed to play 2 rounds before I got caught. The game is definitely a perfect game to test your patience on your parents. The first round, where us as a child accompany our dad to walk, was quite OK, since we only need to click the right arrow and stop once in a while to talk to dad. The second round was the 'challenging' one, and it actually happened between me and my dad when he asked help on the Internet stuffs! That's when dad came out with the 'Cempedak di luar pagar' theory and we had a good laugh on it.

So, guys, have you meet the parents? Are you care enough for them? Try the game out! :)

2. Earth Hour is Back!

Last March, I was all over the ocean of final year project, assignments, tutorials, exams and stuff, I didn't think I totally aware of the 'Switch off the light' campaign on Earth Hour. However, we joined the party on 2009 since it was still bright on 9 p.m. in Xin Jiang (seriously).

How much do you love the Earth? I use recycle bags for shopping (have few 'backup' bags in my car), I use tupperware to pack my lunch (eat in more often now), walk to the food stall instead of motorbike or car, cycle to the town for lunch...

I won't call myself an environmental enthusiast, as I just feel natural in doing this actions.
Walking is good for health.
Eat in can save the ''energy' of cleaning up afterward.
Recycle bags are more durable than those supermarket plastic bags.
Cycling can save time in finding parking, going around the one-way road and stupid drivers!

Earth Hour 2011 is back and it's on 26th March, exactly one month from now. This day would like a day with a power cut, and it would be so nice if I am in Kampung Wai, where I can sit at the rock chairs outside the hostel and mesmerize the stars and moon while enjoying the night breeze. Not sure if I'm gonna join the party, but I would definitely try! :)

Love the Earth! There's only one Earth in the solar system.


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