Cooling Down

Oh goodness the devastation of the failing MyBrain15 was so great, I was smashed totally.

After sensing something was going to be so wrong the other day, I quickly SMS-ed my parents, some friends and Prof for a light of guidance, so that I will not make a sudden and stupid decision.

Mum has been repeatedly checking on me to make sure I'm ok, just like what happen last year. I 'double-checked' with her to see if I'm a burden, and she sent over few SMS that was so touching, I cried again.

When everything (physically, emotionally and mentally) settled down, one 'brainless' human leaving some beh-tahan annoying comments on my outraged Fb status, so brainless, I decided to just delete the whole status because I don't want to bash that person in public.
Some people, their mind doesn't make any sense at all~

Had a lunch date with Suna on Saturday. Shared a lot of stories, gossips, latest news etc. Had a great chat with her. One of the greatest thing I cherish in my life is the great companions and friends I have.

Anyway, back luck usually comes in pair. Later that everning, when I was readying my dinner and playing a movie, the screen suddenly hang, and coincidently the movie was frozen at the moment when the actor went 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh', and it went screaming repeatedly, so I had to force-shut-down it, and it wouldn't want to ON every again. Sigh.

To make things worse, I think I misplaced the original Karpersky anti-virus CD, and was thrown away along with the rubble during the flood-aftermath cleaning up. AhahHHAhh!! 6 more months to go!


Clarification: I hate to admit but I think it should be my own fault for not getting the scholarship. It stated there that the documents MUST be verified by supervisor or other staffs before upload to the system, and I did not because I thought uploading ORIGINAL copies will be enough. Sigh~ They should do it like the MOSTI NSF procedure, where an email will be sent to the supervisor for verification and done! I'll make sure this suggestion will be informed to pihak berkenaan.



Dear Huey Nee, I'm writing this not to remind you on the upset incident but for your information. My colleague had confirm with the MOHE authority on the uploading system. The person told him that the original certs can be scanned (with colour) and uploaded without any certification. He did that and the application was in process already. Do you think of calling them to talk about this?

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