Moved from the smaller airless room to the bigger airy room last Saturday.

It's still in the same house, but I shifted to the empty bigger room which has a wide window with natural sunlight and air stampede into the room wahahhaha! (OK lah just exaggerating, but you know what I mean)

At first I thought of 'dragging' few friends to come over to lend me a hand on the big wooden bed frame, but then, being a HULK myself, I managed to figure out a way to move the big thing on my own! Hehe. It's not that heavy anyway if it is moved the right way. It's proven that I'm quite an engineer myself wahahaha!

For the first time staying here, I finally woke up of the morning sunshine :) and the sound of vehicles outside -_____-


Happy Birthday Lim Daddy!

I saw green tea cheese cake just wee bit after I paid for this! Argh! Gonna try it next time~


tino said…
next time for lim mummy

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