Random stuffs

Went to see Prof on Monday. Didn't talk about the MyBrain15 thing at all, instead talked about other scholarships where I can try my luck, wanting a PC for myself in the cluster and things related to my research.

Laptop came back OK, formatted again. I blame the ImageJ software which always hang the Window Explorers whenever I close the program. This would be about the 3rd or 4th time I formatted my laptop ever since I started my Master program. Sigh~ What to do~ I felt a little frustrated since I don't backup the C drive in the recent time. Everything gone....

Mom has been checking me up again this time, after my devastation on MyBrain15. She called 2 times in 2 days, to make sure I'm OK. And, every time she called, she would want me to 'talk' to this fellow...

^This yellow fur kid (that's his companion, the ngado-ngado cat)

Mom said he barked and shouted to the phone when I called him. Not sure lah whether he is curious of the phone or he actually heard me calling him. He is clever in some ways, and stupid most of the way. Haha! Goodness I missed him!

Not sure what to do with MOHE's MyBrain15. I don't quite care they will reconsider my application or whatsoever, but at least I want to know what's the incomplete part so that I can fix it and not to repeat it the next time I apply. The phone to the department always busy. Emails never replied. What to say?

After all this frustration, dad SMS-ed me about a Taiwan Scholarship, where they paid for the tuition fees, dorm, airfare and monthly allowance of NT$15k. I do get a little 'moved' about the scholarship due to the frustration against local scholarship, but thinking about the future prospect of it, I pulled out. Mom apologized too when she discouraged me to take this, but she's right anyway...

Then, I came out with this crazy idea that I would try to apply the scholarship anyway, to test whether I am really disqualified for any scholarship offered (if I failed to get the Taiwan scholarship), or it's just 'THEM' who don't want to appreciate 人才 (IF I get the scholarship). It's just a thought anyway, the application is quite troublesome and a lot of work to do.

The other day, I saw this gross thing on my car.

Can you see what it is?

Apparently, a baby egg committed suicide and landed on my car! YES! Baby egg!!

If you see closer, there's actually feathers in the bloody pool of liquid, and some part of the liquid dropped on my windscreen and it was so awful when wiping it. There's blood, yolk, and other unknown liquid substances along with cracked shell. Poor thing...

Since I parked my car under row of trees, it might fall out from the nest on the tree; or the Mommy bird accidentally dropped the egg; or a snake tried to eat the egg but the egg fell (my mom's theory! Geng not??); and some other things lah. This kind of incidents trigger your imagination huh? Hehe...

Well, life sucks.... but I still have to go through it and move on...


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