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This morning started a little rough.

I slept late the night before, so the morning was not quite a pleasant one, especially I woke up 'by accident' frequently ever since I shifted to the other room, which it has a huge ass windows that face directly towards the outside world, so my mind would shake me up whenever it hears a motorbike or car or any sounds that is loud enough to amuse it. (I can't decide which gender of my mind is since both male and female can be picky, right?)

Went to the cluster a little later than usual (20 minutes anyway, not that late). Just a sip away of the last drop of my morning coffee, Prof called! Apparently there's an emergency meeting about an upcoming conference, and none of his students receive the email. Sad.

During the meeting, Prof 'proposed' me to become the chairman of Bursary for the conference, and I wonder why I did not strongly oppose that position. It's a freaking tough task!! OMG. The 'looking-for-sponsorship' part is totally draining me down.

So the evening was mostly spent with me over-worried (again) about the new task given, and totally no clue of what to do, which to do first, why I'm doing this and the same routine repeats again and again.

Frustrated, I came to the conclusion of it: I need to sweat out! So I packed my stuff and leave early for swimming pool, the initial plan I had this morning.

And, here comes the actual story of this entry's title. I met this really amazing Cikgu in the pool while he was doing his laps, and teaching some other people in the pool. We stopped to chat after our laps, and turns out he'd done really crazy yet great stuffs, and he's gonna do even crazier stuff! An awesome veteran like him really deserves a Wiki page of his own too. Yup, he did tell me about the Perlis-Kelantan adventure when I told him I'm from KB. A veteran doing this kind of activities indeed make me salute gao gao!

Since he was all alone too, we duel for laps, but I only able to accompany him for 2 laps since I need to leave early, and had a good laugh of it because I emergency break! Hehe... Then we talked about my training for KK, and he suggested I jog and cycle with him too as he is quite a trainer himself. And he is more than willing to borrow me his bike! :) The most exciting part!

Before I leave, we exchanged phone number and the first 'date' we set will be tomorrow! Yippee! :)

Well, it's not really a bad day after all. Nothing is impossible right? As he says:"Di mana ada kemahuan, Di situ ada kejayaan!"

Extra story time:

1. Look at the picture below. It might look a little 'haunted' because of the lousy camera resolution...

If you look closely, that red circle there is a bitch (pun intended). She always run around the neighborhood and I'm not sure who owns her, I guess she belongs to the whole street (just like my CoCo dear back home).

Two days ago, she gave birth to few puppies at the pots at the opposite of my house, the puppies cried so much, my heart melted. So I wanted to go take a peek, and there she was, sitting in the guarding position. When I took a tiny step forwards, she barked like there's no tomorrow! OMG. She sat still until I stood still and moved away from her sight. Sigh~

That bitch! :p

2. At first, I thought it is just me, but, apparently, it irritates a hell lot of other people too when we talk about how lousy Perlisian can be as a driver.

^This sister here.... one of the gazillions examples I've faced throughout my three years++ here. She drove 30-40 km/h on speed lane and occupying two lanes at a time, and she stopped on yellow box! For those who is familiar with the scene, yes, it IS the yellow box in front of the police station.

Feel my pain pleaseeeee... :(

Anyway, this is, like, 95% of them. Another 5% is a very very good driver!


Anonymous said…
Kahakahkahakha...(hv to laugh 1st b4 cursing)

perlis is so out skirted, in other word so kampungish, yet the more kampung u become, d more u dunno how to follow rules..
well, this does not apply 2 all lah of coz, coz if we look Penang driver,gosh, headbang on stereng wheel.
kuala perlis people are more headache, so samseng of them.. haiz.. what to do lah~ TT

Everyone pay for road tax ma! why so selfish loh,rite? be a considerable driver!

I can feel ur pain ><

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