Sweat it Out!


Just came back from badminton session with fellow Postgraduate buddies. Sweating is fun! Especially after I've been longing for a badminton session for so long...

Yesterday, I was finally able to jog around the park without walking! Bravo to myself!

Normally I would stop about 1-2 minutes of jog and walk, then continue for another 1 minute and walk. But, yesterday, I didn't even feel like stopping to catch a breath, muscle ache etc! I just didn't want to slow down! Feel so damn good~ Maybe because of my shoe? Or because I went for swimming the day before? Or a sparing partner, Cikgu Azizan?

After a round of jogging, Cikgu borrowed me his RM3K bicycle, sponsored by the state government for a round or two.

What's the difference between Rm300 bike and Rm3K bike?

It's freaking awesome!!

Have to sleep now. Another round of jogging and cycling for tomorrow with Cikgu, a LooOoong cycling! Yuhoo!!!


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