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For the first 18 years of my life, I had been a short haired girl. Although my mom has four daughters, she isn't the 'groomer' type of mother, so we were not the 'victims' of putting on heavily laced dresses, braided hair etc. Plus, my primary and secondary school had this rules of 'no long hair' - hair must be above your collar, and bangs must be above your eyebrows! I've been short hair my entirely school time!

Standard One, Standard Six, Form Three(?)
My initial intention of keeping a long hair was quite simple and random. There was this one time during Form Two, I stayed after school for volleyball training, and when I was alone in the class, two of my classmates, Zafarul and Ying Lik (for those who know, understand my meaning of 'random'?) came into the class and said:"Woah HN you know what? I think you would look very pretty if you keep your hair long.", and that was it! I even tried doodling my picture just to see how I look with long hair, and trust me it is creepy LOL!!

So, right after SPM (I still went to cut my hair shorter before SPM -_-), I started to the journey of keeping the hair long, and for 10 years now my hair is never shorter than my shoulder.

Anyway, the big challenge is - how long can I keep it.

Although, for 10 years, it is not short, it doesn't get too long either. The most frustrating thing you will encounter with long hair is the hair ends, and that often requires trimming, thus 'preventing' you from keeping it all. It's kinda like a vicious cycle, and that's what I've been facing for all these years...


For the record, the hair was last trimmed in February (Pre CNY), and has never been in any saloon treatment and cutting and trimming up til now!! And the hair ends are still staying strong!!! Bravo to myself!!

This is the hair care regime that I've been using:
From left: MauPlus Shampoo, Mauplus Scalp Treatment, Mauplus Tonic, Kerastase Tonic, Pantene Leave-on Conditioner, Watson brand yogurt treatment wax
The MauPlus series is a recommended product from the saloon I went for the hair-loss treatment. I can't actually tell if the product really works in hair growth, but it surely keep my hair hydrated and silky smooth, and healthy hair ends!

The MauPlus shampoo has ginger extract in it, so it gives the cold and refreshing feeling to your scalp without over-dry your hair. I can leave my hair unwashed for two days and still no oily feelings!

The MauPlus Scalp Treatment acts like a conditioner, except it is to apply on your scalp (Oh yeah I've never tried applying it on hair ends).

The MauPlus hair tonic is, well, a hair tonic, and since it is liquid based, I have to be careful while applying it to prevent it slipping to my face.

The Kerastase spray-type hair tonic belongs to Lim Er Jie, but she doesn't use it. I alternately use both tonic, one in the day and one at night, until this one finishes and I'll stick to MauPlus tonic alone.

The leave-on conditioner is sort of my must-have, as it keeps my hair smooth and dryless all day long. So far, Dove Nutri-Oil Serum gives the best result (but I bought this Pantene one because it's on sale and I wanted to try new stuff).

The treatment wax is the use-it-2-to-3-times-a-week routine, and I use it every two days along with face scrubs and mask (will discuss about it in other post). Cheap treatment, and great results! Although it takes me god-knows-how-long to wash it off - or maybe I apply it too 'generously'?

This is the best hair care regime I've come through so far, and I'll stick to it as long as it works...

1) I stopped using the over-the-counter products (Pantene, Head-N-Shoulders etc) for years now (for shampoos and conditioners),  since saloon products are cheap too in terms of usage period (The MauPlus shampoo costs me RM90 for 500ml, bought it last June and it almost hits bottom now)
2)  All in all, you must NOT be lazy about taking care of your hair =)


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