Weekend in KL

Went to KL few weekend ago for some personal business and family gathering, since everyone including the baby was in town too.

Shir-B-Lyn went to KL to visit her grandma who is sick and stays with her aunt in Puchong. There's some miscommunication on our side, that resulted me drive from North-South Highway, exit through Kota Damansara, to Danau Kota Setapak through Sprint Highway, then went all the way to Puchong via Duke + Penchala + LDP later. Luckily the heavy traffic didn't cramp my clutch-pressing leg -_-

Shir-B-Lyn is still as cute as a button, but she was quite cranky at the time, I bet it tore her grandma's heart apart when she cried so loud towards her grannie. Bad bad girl

Dad tried to comfort her
After a few while, she's back to the smiley phase, and we played roll over in the bedroom.

Rolled! She can roll to the left but has trouble rolling to the right
Her aunt treated us dinner at a restaurant in Puchong.

Getting ready to go out!!
The next day, sisters bought me a Mille Crepe cake from Humble Beginning as my belated birthday cake, and oh it is so yummy!!! ^^

Got super no mood to write because of the freaking internet thingy :( That's all for now~


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