Zumba October La Fiesta

 Two weeks after the 'tremendous' Zumba Party, we were in Penang again last weekend for another Zumba Fitness party - October La Fiesta.

It was at the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society (德教会紫云阁). Since three of us didn't know the way (I am still a Penang Island noob), we tried to ask around for directions, and since the address on the invitation card is in English, no one knew the place! We were out of the way until we entered the cemetery area (seriously), an angelic uncle guided us the correct way.

The beginning of the event wasn't a good one, as they let us in very last minute, with separate lucky draw papers, very slow ticket-checking causing long lines outside the hall, and it was late! The event supposed to start at 2pm, but the slow process slowed it down, plus a dance demonstration made it slower to start...

Ok enough rant, let's hear the fun part! Finally when the demonstration finished, Cassie from Australia came up to the stage and started moving her body furiously!! The crowd began to move it move it move it~~!

Thes performed two songs in between, and I went up stage to support her!! Though I didn't look that nice -____-

I enjoyed it better this time around, as 100% of the songs used are Zumba songs, and I danced so hard, I had to rest out of the legs' exhaustion.

Anyway, the event dragged too long. As it supposed to finish at 5, it dragged until 6.30pm and we were all flat and exhausted.

One bonus extra is that, we befriended a 65yo aunty who joined the event. She sat outside the hall when we approached her to take a picture, and she started telling us the activities she's into after her retirement, and we salute her activeness very much. Age doesn't matter in healthy and active lifestyle!! :)

Random pictah time:

I had a tiny accident the other day. When I was closing the heavy house gate, I put my foot too close to the gate, dragging a screw on my toe while pulling the gate. Although it is just one toe involved, it pain as hell at that moment and I couldn't walk straight at all.

Thanks to the 12MP camera of Xperia S, it looked very nasty!!

...and yes, those black black thing, it's not mud, it's my skin. :/

Although it didn't hurt at all the next day, the picture speaks more than a thousand words, everyone felt grossed! :p

P/S: I love my phone ^^


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