The Matrix: Then and Now

The other day, TV2 was showing 1999's 'The Matrix'.

Back then, Keanu Reeves looked so OMiGosh-ly 嫩/tender! LOL...

The movie still makes me confused though. I'm not really sure why I was quite into this movie back then, I think might because of all those cool stunts (dodge bullet, stuff like that), but I'm pretty sure my English level was no where near proficient, so I didn't understand a word Morpheus is saying.

Even now, when Morpheus was explaining 'The Matrix' to Neo, my jaw dropped, blank stare, with a loud 'HUH'. It got so confused!! LOL


Watched 'Skyfall' yesterday. My POV:
1) Never send a rookie to a field job
(Or is she a rookie? If she's not then MI6 is so screwed!!)
2) Agents are the legalized/authorized vandals
See what both of them did to Turkey just to chase after one bad guy...
3) I thought the movie ended after 007 'skyfalled' from the train, like 10 minutes into the show, because of all the credit rolling...
4) Silva is so much more entertaining to watch than 007
5) The theme song is Aweeesome!
6) There isn't a significant Bond girl in this one. Severine? She isn't really a sidekick and she died too soon; Moneypenny? This girl shoots Bond on the shoulder!


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