Hometown Stuff

 Balik-ed Kampung last weekend for my godson Loke's birthday*, and some other stuff.

*Loke's grandparents and aunties (who I am close with too) were surprised I showed up, so give face~ His mother has been asking me about it two months ago, how can I not give face leh!?

As usual, dad came over to accompany back. During our way back, check this out!

 That poor fella was stuck at the wiper!! I was bored when I noticed something flapping on the windshield, and I took a close look at it - it's a butterfly!!! Since we were on the hilly road, there's no way we gonna stop to release it; at that point I thought it's dead! Oh hell no, it was so much alive when we stopped for fuel refill, I was so scared of releasing it because it flapped its wings! Ewww~ Finally it freed itself and flew away~

Frustrated stuff:
If any of you is kind enough to take note of my FB status, you would know that I've been in deep shit frustration about my 3G modem + wireless router connection thingy. It's been a problem ever since the first day I got the Huawei E1552 and bought the TP-Link MR3040 Wireless Router, which was like, 3 weeks ago, and it sucks because I couldn't access internet with it and the broadband bill ain't gonna stop because of that!!!
It came to a point where a friend thought I am really an ultimate noobie idiot for my sucky troubleshooting skill, because I couldn't figure out what is the real problem on this, between the 3G modem, the wireless router, the sim card, or my window 7 laptop*.
 *OMiGosh I'm not sure if I happen to own a sucky Win7 laptop, but seriously I still love XP...

SO, to not succumb to ask a friend's 'physical' help (eg friend comes over to help) or pay to settle the problem (I opt to do that quite often nowadays, problem that can be solved with money is not a problem at all *smart-ass pose*), I tried one more time.

Tada~~!! It's just a simple change of setting! I trial-and-error-ly changed the transmission mode setting from '11bgn mixed' to '11bg mixed', and problem solved! -___-  Simple right? All this happen because I don't know what is these b,g,n thingy and since the very first day I did the router configuration I already made a mistake arghhh!!! New knowledge learned~

Happy Stuff 1:

Happy Birthday Small Fellow!!
nen nen time
It's his 1st birthday, and I couldn't find anything interesting to give him as a present, so can only provide small amount of financial support lah~

His parents prepared a whole lot of food on the day!!! I was kinda bored because the mother was busy attending to the guests and her teacher friends were talking to each other about their school/education/teacher stuff etc etc etc and I had no way to blend in.

So the next day, I went to visit them again, and Shin and I had a nice chat about every updates :)

Happy Stuff 2:

What else besides this chubby chick!!??

For a four-month-old-going-on-five baby, this chick is indeed over-sized, and she's near the overweight barrier!! Thanks to her big size, it feels more snuggy and secure while holding her without worrying playing rough would break her limbs, but that comes a consequence that our arm muscles is easily tired...

Now she responds to reactions very well, and it's fun to play with her now because she literally smiled about everything and what not. It's just toooooo cute!!!

Besides that, for the few days that I was back, dad wasn't home on daytime, so I was one of the nannies-on-duty. This taught me how to catch her cry hint, whether it is a hungry cry, or sleepy whine, or I'm-bored complaint, or peepy alert etc etc. When dad's around, it gets annoying as his volume of comfort is at the same level of B's cry, the acoustic resonance drives me crazy!!! Now the only thing I concern most is my dad might spoil this fella rotten... -____-

 Shir-B-Lyn is not really a outdoor-sy baby yet. Day two, we brought her out for a shopping in KB mall, KFC dinner take away and a short visit to an aunt's place, she totally collapsed and in a super bad mood that particular night. Day four, we brought her out for a pizza treat mom gave to Kak Ani, my aunt's helper, and she wasn't in good mood either, and collapsed after we headed back.

Overall, not a bad experience lah~ Although she broke our pinky promise!! :( Sis said that this B nowadays sleeps through the night, which is a super good situation, but on my first night, she woke up once at 2AM and once on 5. Night two, she slept through the night and woke up at 7.30AM!! :) So on night three, we made a pinky promise that she'll gonna sleep through the night again, but she broke it by waking up at 3AM and 8 :(

Happy Stuff 3:

Bought a new spec (with magnet-attachable shade) and Nillkin cover for my XPS baby :)


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