Vietnam trip: Post Travel Syndrome (PTS)

Glad to say, I do not have very strong and heavy holiday mood ever since I got back from Vietnam, yet the trip was aaaaawesome! There's a long story to write about the trip, please tune in for more... (I even jotted down notes along the trip just in case I forgot to mention it in my blog)

Anyway, something strikes that pulled me down to hell. Yesterday, day after I left my sisters' place, their house was broke in, the JILAKAT thieves entered two upstairs' rooms (my sis' room is one of it), took away the laptop, camera, foreign currencies and some other valuables. Sis said the most heartache part is they took away the thing that is not valuable in money but priceless and hen you ji nian jia zhi :( Curse those bastards!!!!

I seriously can't imagine if my laptop is stolen. All my phd stuffs is in here!! *back up back up*


tino said…
hile vietnam itinerary wa sia zua je lui zua je lui a masi tiuk giak ki liao, pasa wa kapik dua laptop lebin. pun lai kosi zame dui ki compose, tapi behu.
Anonymous said…
Hi after reading your post iam very excited to go vietnam for my next vacation. Thank you for sharing your vietnam tours.

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