Frankenweenie - Pet Owner's Thought

Since someone said that the movie reviews I wrote are 'kind of' keeping them away from reading, so I shall write more about my own perspective lah~

Watched "Frankenweenie" the other day.

The movie itself is OK, I would NOT say it is children-friendly as it is toooo Tim-Burton-ish dark (I'm a big fan), be it the story line or some of the characters, especially that Weird Girl with her cat Mr. Whiskers, the eyes.... *shivers*

Anyway, even though the ratings in IMDb isn't really high, with all the comments about how sloppy Tim Burton's work is on this, the commentators can't feel anything about the pet-owner part, can they?

While watching the movie, it reminds me a lot of the dogs at Grandma's kampung house.

My paternal grandparents own one of those high rise wooden kampung house in the middle of the orchard, where we often spent our weekend(s) there throughout my childhood and puberty, until after grandma 'moves out'.

In order to 'guard' the house and the orchard, my grandparents kept a pack of non-pedigree kampung dogs, all male, the best companion I could ever have when we went there. The names were pretty straightforward. There was this white sausage-type one, my favorite, Eh Pek aka the White; the matured decent gentleman Black Mouth, as he has brown coat and dark mouth; then there was this hyperactive one called Sibuk aka Busy Body. My weekend duty would be unleashing them and help grandma during feeding time.

The White, my favorite, came to the house with his brother, both white and long fur coat, very adorable. His brother couldn't survive long and passed away a week or two later. As the brother loved to lick The White's ears, the fur around his ears was always smooth and watery, and his ears always drop even when he was in the alert post. He lived a good life of 10+++ years and passed away of old ages.

Well, what does this have to do with the movie? Sparky reminds me of him, and Victor reminds me of me. I hope I can bring The White back to life, as he has always been the 'good boy' dog and didn't cause much trouble, and I was devastated when I heard his passing news.

Anyway, if I can choose, I wouldn't want to bring Mozzie back to life, may him rest in peace, or else he would end up like Colossus... =.=


Dan O. said…
Good review. Being a dog lover definitely helps this flick's story a lot more, but also does the love and knowledge for the old-school horror movies that Burton so obviously loves. Great return-to-form for him, let's just hope he can keep it going.
*~Huey Nee~* said…
Thanks for the comment and compliment, especially when it's from a 'pro' movie reviewer I feel so honored !! ^^

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