Ree's Skin Facial Experience

Last November (or Dec I forgot), when I was waiting for Atun who withdrew her money at MayBank, I bumped into these two Malay gentlemen who promoting me a voucher of facial packages worth approx RM400++(?) which only costs RM30, RM10 per treatment. That sounds like an awesomely good deal right? So there and then, immediately both of us signed up for the promotion, which expires at end of March. One huge ass voucher I must say!

The promotion voucher

There is the promotion package vouchers, and other promotions such as discount and buy-one-free-one thingy.

We booked an appointment on the evening. The location of Alor Star's branch is at PC Depot area, which is easier to find than I have expected!

The facial treatment we signed up for is the R3 Pro Treatment. First, they have a consultant, Felicia, analyzing and discussing our skin issues. I was kinda phobia looking at those skin analysis pictures!! The truth unveiled that I have 'very' oily skin, but thanks to Paris Caroline, my pores are minimizing! :) Well, when Felicia said my skin is oily and my pores are visibly big, I immediately protested that's how LOL...

Note that I have few big sized pimples at my chin area due to pre-menstrual, so I was very worried and scared that it gonna pain like hell during the facial.

We were led to a room and the facial started. I was truly impressed, and literally 感动(!!) during the extraction process, the part where the beautician removes clogged pores and whatshit that is stuck up in your pores. This part, I was always living in hell when I was doing my facial package at another facial saloon near Alor Star Mall, it hurts as if they were pinching my fragile skin every single time I went to that place, and few times I ended up shedding tears :( Here, I didn't even know the extraction started because I was so sleepy and tired I was half asleep. Even when she was clearing the dimples near my lips (which usually very painful as the skin is very fragile and thin) and warned me it's gonna be painful, I was like "OMiGoodness you are doing an excellent job!! I don't feel a thing!" THAT good of a job she did.

The products they use, I'm not sure the name and brand, feel good too. I was applied a two layer masks and given a shoulder massage. The massage oil smells good, and the massage itself is good.

I came out from the room with a cleansed face and looks really good .Well that is according to Atun lah~ She's been complimenting my face from Alor Star to Kangar... ^^

Two unfortunate things though.
1) The beautician, I couldn't catch her name, introduces me a mask for my skin, but they only sell their products to their members, so there is no such thing as walk-in purchase unless you sign up their package to be a member;
2) Even though their skill and products are good, their packages can be quite.... pricey. The facial treatment that I got for RM10, the actual cost is RM250, and they offer a promotion of RM399 for three times treatment and RM599 for five times, which can still be quite pricey for a student lah~ Not that I don't have the money, but... I can do a lot of stuff with that money loh~


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