Snoring Problem

I have a snoring problem that has been bugging me for quite some time. It's not as worse as I develop sleep apnea or the snoring is so loud I thought there's truck in my room, but the snoring itself kind of bugs me.

My dad snores like a lorry, my sisters snore as well, and some of my friends who had shared a room with me before told me that I snore, sometimes it even wakes them up.

I wasn't taking it so seriously until end of last year, I suddenly had this urge of 'confronting' the problem because I was worried it might bother the Significant Other and disturb the sleeping quality. The concern was so intense, I even felt like visiting the doctor for that.

So, Nadiatun, my labmate, and I started a series of 'snoring test and analysis' and we were intrigued. She suggested some ideas, I thought of some methods myself and I executed the tests.

How did I do that? I installed a voice recording app, tried out methods while recording. I did the recordings for 8 days. I uses 'Smart Voice Recorder' where it has this 'Skip silence' setting that can filter out the unwanted 'silence' and records the noise only.

Throughout that period of time, I would show Atun what have I recorded, we analyzed the 'rhythm' of the snore like where does it actually come from? Throat? Nose?, the duration of the snore, the volume etc. We was so serious about the analysis, at one point I thought we can gather our analysis and material to write a paper for conference or journal or something! LOL...

Results and discussion?
1) I have three pillows with different softness and height. I tried all three pillows separately and tile-up-ly - FAIL.
2) Bought Breathe Right - FAIL and my nose was uncomfortable and itchy.
3) Support my neck with my baby pillow to avoid my throat collapses - FAIL.
4) Shift sleeping position to sleep on my side (I prefer sleeping on my back) - arm gets numb after some period of time and have to shift position, still FAIL.
5) Redirect fan position to avoid wind blowing directly to my face - FAIL.

FAIL, as in, I still snore. It's not loud, but I still snore. One advancement from the test - the snoring period is short, 20-30 mins per night IF the recorder does not 'skip' any of the noise lah~

Just a week after that, I got bored, so I stopped the test and sleep like it doesn't matter...

During CNY, when I told sis about this, she was like, "People says it's pantang to voice record during the night woh... It might record....'unwanted' voices..." fortunately, no, there is no 'weird' sound in all of the recordings, and actually, it's quite funny LOL. Besides the snore, there was the sound of the furbrats drinking the water, my mild sleep mumbling and I sleep-talked once!
During CNY too, since three of us sisters sleep in the same room, one King size and one single bed, I tried to see if I could be bothered by my sisters' snore, but no, we were so freaking tired we slept like a log, but Lim Er Jie said I am the better bed-mate as I don't kick and blanket hog like Lim Tino does. ^^


tino said…
invade invade...king bed siang syiok

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